4 Practical Tips for a Pest-Free Spring

4 Practical Tips for a Pest-Free Spring

Savor for a moment the fact that winter is over! Spring is officially here, folks, and there is a lot to celebrate. After the cold, and for many of us, snowy, winter we’ve had, what a great feeling to know that IT’S SPRING!

Many people get their homes ready for spring by doing a little bit of spring cleaning. An added benefit to spring cleaning, aside from your house smelling great and feeling clean, is that it becomes a less-inviting place for pests to take up residence. In honor of the 4th month of the year (and the first full month of spring), we’re providing you with 4 not-so-obvious tips for staying pest-free during your spring cleaning regimen:

  1. When cleaning up the kitchen, be sure to eliminate all crumbs. Another less-obvious clean-up opportunity is honey or syrup that may have spilled or leaked. Be sure to thoroughly wipe down these sweet, sticky substances after each use. It’s a good idea to also keep sugar in an airtight container. Oftentimes, pests are attracted to sweet substances, so keeping them clean of buildup and storing them in airtight containers will keep pests out of your pantry.
  2. Keep pet food stored away and off the floor. Pet food serves as a food source not only for your pet, but also for unwanted pests. Try to keep your pet on a regimented feeding schedule, only keeping the food out during feeding times. When not in use, keep the food dish clean of debris.
  3. Some pests are attracted to moisture in the air, so running a dehumidifier may help as a preventative measure in keeping pests at bay.  Also be sure to look underneath sinks, or around toilets and bathtubs for any signs of leaking. The key here is to seal up leaks, which eliminates pests’ water source. This will keep insects from congregating in areas such as kitchen sinks, bathrooms and laundry areas.
  4. Upon return from a getaway, thoroughly inspect your luggage for any sign of an insect infestation, such as droppings, insect remains or insects themselves. If found, be sure to thoroughly vacuum all cracks and crevices of your luggage. It’s always a good practice to wash all clothing, whether dirty or not, upon your return, in hot water. This will prevent you from bringing an insect invasion into your home.

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Pest-Free Spring