Pesty tip - flying ants

Pesty tip - flying ants

I hear a lot of panicked talk around this time of year about flying ants. Folks often see them hanging around the house and yard, and get worried. After all, aren't tiny flying insects usually carpenter ants?


Or worse, termites?

Termite Swarmers

Well, not necessarily. They could be winged pavement ants -- pesky, but not as destructive.

Flying Ants

See, when an ant colony is first starting up, all the ants it produces are sterile, female worker ants. But when a colony decides to expand, it starts producing winged, sexually mature males and females. These ants take off in a a swarm called a nuptial flight and begin to mate. When female ants have been fertilized, they start a new colony.

So, that's why you see all those ants flying around. These ants aren't as destructive as carpenter ants or termites, but they're still annoying. TERRO® ant products can be used to get a handle on them.

If you see some bugs flying nearby, grab one of them and check it out. That way, you'll know when to use TERRO® ant products, and when to use break out our arsenal against carpenter ants and termites.

For extra help, check out TERRO®'s Guide to Ants on our website.