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  • 7 Facts You Might Not Know About Stink Bugs

    stink bugs stink bug facts

    It’s that time of year again, folks! Fall is in full swing and stink bugs, regrettably, have reemerged in our homes. You’ve no doubt spotted these creepy-crawlies in various locations around your own house – clinging to your window screens and climbing up your walls and out of vents.

    Despite seeing them so often, you may not know much about this nuisance species. If that’s the case, we’ve gathered 7 stink bug facts to enlighten you - as they say, know your enemy! Continue reading

  • September 2016 Fan of the Month - Mary Ramirez

    Mary Ramirez of Wisconsin is the TERRO fan of the month for September 2016 Mary Ramirez of Wisconsin is the TERRO® fan of the month for September 2016.

    The TERRO® Team is happy to introduce Mary Ramirez, our September 2016 Fan of the Month from Jefferson, Wisconsin! When we caught up with this TERRO® fan from The Badger State, here’s what she had to say…

    Please share a bit about yourself!

    I am a mother of two sons, ages 29 and almost 39. I don’t have any hobbies per se, but I do love to cook and bake. I also love shopping and going to the casino.

    How did you first learn about TERRO® products?

    I learned about the products from personal purchases. I have used TERRO® Ant Dust powder for the lawn, which I love. I have also used TERRO® Liquid Ant killer. The ants love it and I love the fact that they love it!

    Continue reading

  • 10 Boxelder Bug Questions Answered


    In some areas of the country, boxelder bugs are a major nuisance for homeowners. These bugs swarm all over homes in the fall and make their way inside.

    And when we say “swarm,” we really mean it! They gather by the dozens all over the house, totally unconcerned by the presence of people, pets and any other potential predators.

    So what is it that makes these audacious bugs tick? Why do they try to get inside our homes? And most importantly, how do you get rid of boxelder bugs?

    Find out as we explore the most common questions people have about boxelder bugs! Continue reading

  • How to ID Spiders by Their Webs


    When Halloween rolls around, we’re eager to decorate our homes with spider webs. But the rest of the year? Webs – whether they’re fake or real -- aren’t so welcome.

    Everyone knows spiders can help keep pests under control, but to some people, spiders and their webs are the pests. To them, allowing webs to linger is the sign of a messy house. Most will clear spider webs and cobwebs out of unused areas and sweep them from corners.

    Aside from the cleanliness issue, spiders can be dangerous. North America’s “Big Three” spiders – black widow, brown recluse and hobo spiders – have venomous bites that can be harmful to people and pets. Other spider bites can result in rashes and other skin irritation.

    With those dangerous spiders in mind, it’s important to take a moment before brushing a web away to inspect it. Certain web types, for example, can indicate the possible presence of a dangerous spider. With such information, you will also know to set out spider traps or to treat an area with spider killing spray, both of which can help you get rid of spiders – whether they are dangerous or not. Continue reading

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