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If you’re looking for the latest in insect control news, you’ve come to the right place. View all of our press releases for ant control news and other insect-control updates.

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TERRO® Announces New Fly Magnet® Fly Paper


Protect Your Home from Nuisance Flies with Odorless, Easy-to-Use Fly Paper Read More

TERRO® Introduces Clothes Moth Alert


Homeowners can now protect their clothes and belongings with Clothes Moth Alert from TERRO®, a leader in DIY pest control products. This new, pesticide-free and odorless trap lures and captures adult... Read More

TERRO® Launches 100 Days of Celebrations to Commemorate 100 Years of Quality Ant Control Solutions


In honor of its centennial anniversary, TERRO®, a trusted brand in ant control solutions since 1915, is taking the opportunity to reaffirm its deep-rooted commitment to finding new, simple and effect... Read More

TERRO® Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Launches New, Interactive Website


TERRO®, a leading manufacturer of DIY pest control products, recently launched a new, interactive website to provide bug-afflicted consumers with a custom, interactive experience designed to help the... Read More

TERRO® Adds Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes to Line of Ant Control Products


TERRO®, a leading manufacturer of do-it-yourself pest control products, has added TERRO® Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes to their line of proven ant control solutions. Read More

Canadian Ant Invasion


Brampton, On, Canada—June 27, 2013—No home is immune to ants, and whether on your counter or around the barbecue, ants are unwelcome guests. There is a new, effective way to control ant invasions.... Read More

I Love TERRO® Because


TERRO®, a leading producer of DIY pest control products, has had an outpouring of support from customers praising the efficacy of their products. The search is on for their most ardent fans. Read More

TERRO® Launches New Line of Stink Bug Killers


LITITZ, PA—Nov. 2, 2012— Stink bug invasions have risen since they arrived in the U.S. in 1998. Protect yourself against home invasions with a new line of Stink Bug Killers from TERRO. Read More

Fall Invaders


Lititz, PA—Oct. 17, 2012—Fall is the time of year when spiders, ants and other insects storm indoors. Stop these invasions with simple tips from TERRO, the leader in DIYpest control products. Read More

Get Rid of Ants in 2 Simple Steps


Lititz, PA—June 12, 2012—For homeowners, few opponents are as problematic as ants. No matter where you live, no homeowner is immune to the problem of ants. Read More

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