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TERRO® Wasp & Hornet Killer

TERRO® Wasp & Hornet Killer

Product Review (submitted on July 28, 2014):
I have used a few types of wasp killers in the past. Most project a stream of spray anywhere from 10 to 20 feet away from the nest. I usually use Raid or Spectracide. I don’t think any of the sprays reach their claimed distance. Spectracide claims 22 feet. The best I ever achieved was about 15 feet. I am sure it varies in their controlled tests and from can to can, climate, etc. For my use, which is typically near my deck or house or in my yard, 15 feet is plenty.

This brand, Terro, claims to be able to be applied from 20 feet away. I have used it at about 6-8 feet, and as much as 15 feet. Beyond that I don’t think it reaches, and loses accuracy (hits a wider area than the intended target).

It appears to be just as effective as the other brands. I do think this is a better “day time” spray. Most sprays tell you to use it in early evening, after wasps have returned to the nest. Sometimes there are a lot of wasps about and you want to use your deck or areas right outside your home though, so you may find the need to use a spray in the daytime. This spray forms a foam over its target, so it traps wasps, while also killing those who try to escape.

As far as effectiveness on contact, I have found that Raid will usually result in an immediate kill, with many wasps falling out of the air as the spray touches them. With Terro, it seems a few who made it through the foam died soon after, but maybe hung on for a few seconds, more so than with Raid or Spectracide.

While the encapsulating foam is a great way to instantly “lock down” the nest and destroy its inhabitants, like any other spray, it does leave you with some clean up afterward. Nothing that you can’t hose away afterward. Depending on how heavy you apply it (it doesn’t take much to kill the wasps), you have a white foamy clump for 5 to 15 minutes.

Terro says this product may be used indoors. I would avoid using any spray of this type indoors.

I have used it on my deck (pressure-treated wood) and against my house, near mortar and my vinyl siding (a tan “Cedar Impressions” shake style vinyl). It doesn’t appear to stain. It leaves some residue until it is hosed away.

I would recommend this product. I don’t know that it performs any better or worse than others, but again, if you plan to use it during the day when there is a lot of activity around the nest, you may prefer this over other brands.
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