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Ants are a common enemy and TERRO® offers a wide variety of solutions for your ant problems. Our line of liquid ant baits and Ant Killer sprays, along with outdoor barrier treatments offer everything you need to get rid of ants inside or outside your home.

Start with Liquid Ant Bait

The most effective and efficient way to get rid of the ants you see, and the ants you don’t, is liquid ant baiting. The liquid ant bait contains Borax which kills the ants slowly, allowing them time to drink up the Ant Killer liquid and return to the colony to share it with other ants.

Create an Outdoor Barrier

Stop ants outside, before they become a problem inside. Use TERRO® Ant Dust and Ant Killer Granules with long-lasting residual control to create a barrier around your house. Not only effective on ants, they can also protect against cockroaches, crickets, silverfish and other unwanted pests.

Ant Killer Sprays Protect You Further

Arm yourself with even more weapons. TERRO® Ant Killer sprays provide dual protection against insects, an instant knock-down as well as lasting repellency. Spray these ant repellent aerosols around common entry points, such as doorways and windows, or directly onto ant trails.

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