Bulk Ant Control

Bulk Ant Control Products

TERRO® offers its entire line of ant killer products in bulk quantities, to help you tackle even the largest infestations in your home or business. TERRO® liquid ant baits and ant killer sprays — along with outdoor barrier treatments — offer everything you need to get rid of ants inside or outside.

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Bulk Ant Control

When it comes to indoor ant control, TERRO® has you covered. From liquid ant bait and granular solutions to aerosol sprays, buying in bulk can save you money and help you treat for them all year long.

TERRO® also offers a variety of ant control products that are effective for outdoor use, too. These ant bait solutions come in dust, spray and liquid form. No matter your need or the size of your insect problem, TERRO® has a bulk solution for you.

To better help you understand ants, TERRO® offers a wide variety of supporting articles, including:

Ant Facts There’s a lot to learn about ants, and the TERRO® Insect Library offers you a complete look at the most common ants in North America. By understanding their habits and biology, you’ll be better prepared to fight them!

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3 Easy Steps for Fighting Sugar Ants If ants are bugging you in the kitchen, follow these simple tips to get rid of them.

How Ants Get Inside a Building Learn all the sneaky ways that ants use to get inside your home or business – and how to keep them out.

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Looking for additional ant control options from TERRO® as you battle these frustrating insects at your home or business? The TERRO® eNewsletter offers money-saving coupon codes and more links to helpful resources to assist you in your battle against ants. If you have questions about any of the ant control products from TERRO®, simply contact the TERRO® Consumer Care Team at 1(800)800-1819.