Multi-Insect Control

Multi-Insect Control

Are you tired of flying pests that land in your food, dive-bomb you as you’re trying to relax or ruin your outdoor activities? Flying insects can definitely be a nuisance, and in some cases, they also pose a threat to your health. TERRO® has the perfect solution for your winged adversaries. We offer a variety of multi-flying insect killer products that will help you eliminate all types of pests both inside and outside your home.

Eliminate Dozens of Pests With Our Multi-Purpose Killer for Flying Insects

TERRO® Home Insect Killer is an effective multiple flying insect killer that also eliminates many crawling insect species. Apply this ready-to-use spray on cracks and crevices and around windows and doors to prevent flying insects from finding their way in. This product is odorless and will not stain, so you can use it indoors with total confidence. You can also use it outdoors to kill insects on decks, patios and other areas where people gather.

We Also Offer Multi-Insect Fly Control Solutions

Are fruit flies constantly inviting themselves to your home for dinner? Get the benefit of a non-toxic alternative to chemical pesticides that really works, with our fruit fly traps! Another option to protect your food from other unwanted guests is our multi-fly killer traps, which lure them in and prevent them from escaping. Our multi-purpose fly killer products can also help you get rid of another common household nemesis: the relentless housefly.

Tell those flying pests to buzz off! Order the TERRO® flying insect control product that best meets your needs.

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