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Looking for the best way to get rid of flying insects in and around your home? TERRO® has the best flying insect killer solutions for you. From wasps and hornets to fruit flies, mosquitoes and more, TERRO® offers the protection you need from those annoying flying, stinging and biting pest insects. Each of our traps target your specific pests’ preferences to draw them in and eliminate them. With everything from Fruit Fly Traps to Pantry Moth Traps on offer, TERRO® has the solutions to your bug problem, in quantities that fit your insect problem and budget.

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  1. $12.99
    • Primary bait attracts & traps wasps, hornets, yellow jackets & flies
    • Trap-n-Trap Technology™ also attracts and traps fruit flies
    • Easy to use, 3-step setup
    • Features Bug Lock Lid™ to keep bugs inside the trap
    • Stink-free, easy-to-use baits
    • Reusable trap
    • Refill with TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap Plus Fruit Fly - Refill (T515)

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  2. $6.99
    • 1 Refill Bag & Bottle for use with TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap Plus Fruit Fly (T514)
    • Primary bait to attract, trap & kill wasps, hornets, yellow jackets & flies
    • Secondary bait attracts, traps & kills fruit flies
    • Stink-free, easy-to-use baits

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  3. As Low As $7.19
    • Deep penetrating vapor kills insects and prevents infestations
    • Included adhesive strip for easy attachment to trash can lids
    • Easy to use – simply remove adhesive backing, attach inside of trash can and close the lid
    • Controlled release for long-lasting protection – up to 4 months!
    • Designed for use in outdoor and garage trash cans, dumpsters and trash bins
    • Package contains 1 pod
  4. $10.99
    • Kills mosquito larvae when added to stagnant water
    • Dissolvable pouch - no dust and requires no breaking
    • Long-lasting larvacide continues working for up to 2 months
    • Use in fish ponds, bird baths, gutters, rain barrels, and other areas where standing water is found
    • Can be applied in areas used by people and pets when used as directed
    • Includes 10 larvacide pouches