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Looking for the best way to get rid of flying insects in and around your home? TERRO® has the best flying insect killer solutions for you. From wasps and hornets to fruit flies, mosquitoes and more, TERRO® offers the protection you need from those annoying flying, stinging and biting pest insects. Each of our traps target your specific pests’ preferences to draw them in and eliminate them. With everything from Fruit Fly Traps to Pantry Moth Traps on offer, TERRO® has the solutions to your bug problem, in quantities that fit your insect problem and budget.

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Flying insects can be a nuisance to say the least. Buzzing around your head as you try to relax and threatening to bite or sting as you enjoy a barbecue. Thankfully, TERRO® flying insect traps are here to help. In addition, if you’re stuck in a never-ending battle with these pests, be sure to check out a few of our great resour