TERRO® Super Fly Roll and Spotted Lantern Fly Trap

Model #: T521

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  • Trap flies including the Spotted Lanternfly on 4" wide sticky paper
  • Easy-to-use super fly roll, over 19 ft long
  • 3D imagery lures flying insects
  • Long-lasting glue catches them and keeps them stuck
  • When a section is full, trim it off and unspool more sticky paper
Best used for:
Food Areas
Food Areas
Work Areas
Work Areas
TERRO® Fly Magnet® Super Fly Roll - Extra Big Fly Paper Roll

Use the TERRO® Super Fly Roll and Spotted Lantern Fly Trap in barns, stables, garages and other large facilities where flies can be a major problem. The roll is printed with specially designed fly-attracting visual cues to effectively trap these insects on the fly paper. Once an insect lands on the Super Fly’s long-lasting glue area, it’s trapped for good. Each roll includes more than 19 feet of 4-inch wide sticky tape. After one section of the fly paper fills up with insects, trim it off and unspool another length from the Fly Magnet® Super Fly Roll to catch even more flying insects.

super fly roll
unroll to catch

Unroll To Catch Flies Ready to use your Super Fly Roll and Spotted Lantern Fly Trap? Just pull out the sticky paper from the leading end of the roll and hang it on a hook or nail. The extra-wide, extra-long fly paper will capture flying insects with its super-sticky glue.

After one section is filled, just tear off that portion and unroll the fly paper further. Measuring more than 19 feet, this sticky fly trap has the potential to capture thousands of flies in your barn, stable, animal pen, work area or outdoor space.

unroll to catch 2
3D Design Helps Attract Flies

Using designs from Silvalure System®, the Fly Magnet® Super Fly Roll and Spotted Lantern Fly Trap has 3D imagery printed on the sticky side of the fly paper roll. These vibrant designs were created to attract flying insects. When they land on the design they’re in for a surprise!

3D Design Attracts Flies
Stop the Spotted Lanternfly Invasion A recent invader among the Northeast states, the Spotted Lanternfly must be stopped. You can help with our TERRO® Super Fly Roll and Spotted Lantern Fly Trap. If you have seen the spotted lanternfly recently or you know they are in your town, we recommend wrapping a fly roll around the trees in your yard. The 19-foot length makes it able to fit around most tree trunks. For more information regarding this quarantinable, invasive, and spreading species please view our article here, you can help stop the Spotted Lanternfly from spreading!