Questions about TERRO® Multi-Surface Liquid Ant Baits – 4 Discreet Bait Stations


Q.If you see carpenter ants eating this, will it kill the colony? I know it states that it excludes them.

The bait within the stations is sweet-based, which is not usually what carpenter ants crave. The carpenter ants that do have a sweet-tooth will be effected by the Borax within the bait. We recommend contact killers, such as TERRO® Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer, for carpenter ants, as the majority of carpenter ants seek baits that are protein-based or grease-based.

Q.Are baits affected by heat or water? The few ants I've seen have been next to my kitchen sink. If I put one behind the sink it will probably be splashed with water a lot.

The liquid ant bait in these stations contains water as an ingredient and will not be effected by additional water. The bait itself is also protected by the station's casing, and should not have issues when placed near a sink. The water may have an effect on the adhesive strips if you choose to use them.

Q.Are these ant traps safe to use in kitchen and food preparation areas?

When used as directed, these bait stations are safe to use in kitchens and other areas.

Q.How many months/years will these stay fresh/usable if tab not pulled? I ask because I had some of your T300s kept in my cabinet for a long time (no recollection how long), and when I pulled them out the liquid had yellowed and had gained an expansive quality such that they leaked all over my counter tops shortly after cutting them open and placing them on my counter tops.

While this product does not have an expiration date, we recommend replacing after two years to keep the bait fresh. As long as the product is in liquid form, it is still active. Over time, the liquid may start to crystallize, causing the bait to turn a different color.

Q.How do I use the adhesive strips? I’ve followed the instructions exactly but the strip does not stick to the bait station.

The adhesive strips should be placed between the adhesive placement guides with the printed side of the adhesive facing out. Press and hold the strip firmly for 10 seconds.

Q.Can you replace Inserts without removing device?

We recommend replacing the bait stations when the bait is depleted until ants are controlled. The inserts are not replaceable.

Q.can you use these multi-surface liquid baits outside to a brick wall outside the house? I know you have the other outdoor bait stations too but, my backyard is where my 2 dogs go and I don't want to lay anything in the yard - thank you

This particular design is best used indoors.

Q.Approximately how long will each Bait Station last?

Due to several variables, we do not have an estimated time frame on how long each station will last. We recommend monitoring the bait stations and replacing them as needed.

Q.How do you remove the trap when using the adhesive strip Does it come off without damaging the wall or cabinet??

To remove, we recommend holding the bait station and twisting slowly to remove it from the adhesive strip (being careful not to spill any bait). Once the bait station is removed, pull the adhesive strip to stretch until the strip is freed from the application surface.

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