Questions about TERRO® Pantry Moth Traps - 24 Pack


Q.Does this work for attracting and killing the larvae as well as the flying moths?

This product is recommended for adult moths only.

Q.Will these work for small moths in a clothes closet?

These traps will only attract pantry moths, we cannot recommend them for clothes moths.

Q.I want to catch leaf-roller moths before they lay their eggs in my Cannas. But the Cannas are right next to the milkweed for monarch butterflies. Will the attractant attract the monarchs, also?

This product has not been tested with monarch butterflies. We would not recommend it for them.

Q.what is the shelf life of the product if it is not opened?

These traps will last several years unopened.

Q.Will this work on flour beetles?

This trap will specifically work to attract pantry moths and is not recommended for flour beetles.

Q.How do TERRO® Pantry Moths work to get rid of moth invasions?

TERRO® easy-to-use moth traps contain a powerful pheromone lure that attracts moths to the trap’s sticky surface where they get stuck and die.

Q.How often should I replace my Pantry Moth Traps?

We recommend replacing the traps every 3 months or sooner if they become dusty or full of moths.

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