Questions about TERRO® Spider & Insect Trap - 6 Pack


Q.Is the T3206 newer model of T3200? I can’t find the T3200 in your product list anymore. When did you stop manufacturing/distributing the T3200 model? What is the difference between these two model? Thanks.

Yes, the Model T3206 is the newest design of this trap. Both traps are ready-to-use, non-toxic, pesticide free and effective for the same insects.

Q.has anyone tried to catch mice with these t3206 glue traps? also will these work in freezing temperatures? if yes the lowest temperature ? thanks art

We do not recommend using these traps for mice. The glue is ineffective in freezing temperatures.

Q.What will remove this sticky from something like books that have fallen on them?

The glue is vegetable oil soluble.

Q.are they toxic to dogs?

This is a non-toxic sticky trap.

Q.Are these scented or include some sort of bait, for the spiders? I assume not. I would prefer not to attract more.

These traps are unscented and do not include a pheromone or bait.

Q.It's says not to use where it is hot. Can I put them in the attic?

This product can be placed in a variety of places where spiders and insects may crawl, such as basements and attics.

Q.Can I use the Terro sticky traps on kitchen counter to capture ants?

Yes. This trap can be used where you see ant activity.

Q.How many traps are in one package?

There are 4 traps per package.

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