Questions about TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap


Q.This trap was set up 2 weeks ago and hasn't caught a single wasp, and we have several big nests! How far away should it be from the nests? Any other pro tips?!

We recommend placing this trap a good distance away from the nests in order to prevent any wasps from stinging you while you are placing the trap. We do not have an exact distance to recommend. The trap should draw the wasps away from their nests, so be sure to set the trap in an area that is not heavily frequented by people. We recommend placing the trap at night or in the early morning, as those are the times that wasps are most active. If the trap is not catching very many wasps after two days, try moving it to a different location. For additional assistance, feel free to call us at 844-837-7644. 

Q.Can this be used in the home away from children?

This product is intended for outdoor use, we do not recommend that it be used indoors.

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