Does Liquid Ant Bait Expire?

Does Liquid Ant Bait Expire?

Ever wonder what color your liquid ant bait should be or why it has seemed to change color? Are you curious about the effectiveness of the bait, if the color or consistency has changed? If you’re facing these, or similar types of questions, read this article for all you need to know about our product and how it may change with time.

Liquid Bait is No Longer Clear

TERRO® liquid ant bait begins as a clear liquid, but over time, you may notice that the color begins to change to a shade of yellow or even brown. The color changes when the sugar begins to crystalize from being exposed to air, particles or warm temperatures. A change in the color alone does not necessarily make it ineffective, but a change in the consistency may.

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When is the Liquid Bait Too Thick to Use?

TERRO® liquid ant bait begins with a consistency close to that of pancake syrup and should be easy to pour. Over time, you may notice that the bait has thickened, which results from the sugar crystalizing. If your TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer becomes difficult to pour, or if your Liquid Ant Baits appear to have hardened, it is best to replace the product with fresh bait. Ants most easily transport, digest and share liquid and when the bait hardens to a gel or solid state, it is a less efficient way to bait them. You’ll want to replace with fresh bait if it becomes hardened or if you’ve had the same bait for more than one year. Another good rule of thumb is to check the product packaging for specific information on how frequently to replace. For instance, the T300 TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits should be replaced every 3 months.


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