How Do I Get Rid of Flies in my Trash Can?

Taking out the garbage is already a disagreeable task, add in a few flies swarming around you and it can make the experience unbearable. Why are flies drawn to the garbage? And how can you stop them from swarming? Unsurprisingly, flies in the trash aren’t uncommon. However, you can tackle this problem with a few precautionary actions. Learn why flies are drawn to your trashcan and how you can stop them from feasting on your leftovers.

Why Are Flies in my Trash?

Your trash cans are the perfect place for flies to thrive with endless food and debris. Which also makes it a great spot for flies to lay eggs. Fly larva, or maggots, need a space that is warm, protected and offers food. As they develop through their life cycles, maggots feed on decaying matter. After a few days, the larva will turn into adults that are ready to feed and reproduce in a matter of hours.

This is why it might seem one or two flies around your trashcan suddenly turned into a swarm. One fly can lay hundreds of eggs, which can be overwhelming once they hatch. That’s why it’s important to act before an infestation occurs.

How to Prevent Flies in the Garbage

Usually, controlling pests means eliminating their food source and breeding grounds. It becomes a little hard to do that when you’re dealing with your outdoor trash cans that get emptied once a week when it’s garbage day.

The best thing that you can do to deter these flies from creating a habitat out of your trash can is by keeping it clean. Checking to make sure that nothing fell out of the bags and into the can after emptied can help eliminate the potential flies. Wiping down the interior and making sure that there isn’t anything rotting at the bottom can stop breeding grounds from forming. Wiping down the can with water and vinegar can completely kill the bacteria while eliminating the trash scent that can draw flies in.

Another simple solution is to keep the lid on your garbage can. Flies have a strong sense of smell. By keeping the lid on the trash when you’re putting trash inside of it can help stop the scent of the trash luring flies. It will also act as a barrier, not letting them fly into the can and trash. If your trashcan doesn’t have a strong seal, then it might be time to invest in a better one to keep odors in and flies out.

garbage guard

While keeping your garbage lid on, you can stick the Terro® Garbage Guard® Trash Can Insect Killer right inside the lid to kill insects and prevent new infestations. This odorless adhesive pod has a deep penetrating vapor with controlled release for long-lasting protection for up to 4 months. Easy to use, simply remove the backing on the adhesive strip, attach to the inside of the lid, and close the lid.  

One of the easiest ways to prevent your garbage cans from becoming dirty is by using thicker, quality garbage bags. Lining your trash can with light bags can allow for rips and spills. Rather, use a heavy-duty bag that won’t rip and can be easily tied shut so that your garbage stays in the bag securely.

Prevent Insects with Terro®

Stay one step ahead of the game and prevent insects from bothering you. Terro® can provide you with solutions and products that will keep your space free from insects – from the inside of your trashcan to the inside of your home. Let us know how you keep your trash fly-free on our Facebook page. Also, be sure to take all the opportunities that Terro® provides from deals to exclusive promos by subscribing to our e-newsletter!


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