Rain, Rain Brings Ants Your Way

Rain, Rain Brings Ants Your Way

Did you ever notice that during times of rain, ants start to appear? They are not trying to be a pest, the ants are trying to survive! Heavy rains will flush ants out of the wet soil. The ants search for food and safety in higher grounds; if it is dry, they will of course feel even better. Our homes, sadly, are one of their favorite places to seek shelter if they can find a way inside. 

What happens to the Ants and their Homes?

Just like humans, each ant is an individual and rain will affect different ant species in different ways. Argentine Ants will likely run into the kitchen after heavy rains. Fire Ants up their best building to the next level to prepare and recover after rain. Stinging Red Ants clean up and re-enter their nests. What all of them have in common is they need a temporary place to stay and that often becomes the house.

ant mound

Rain, Ants, what is next?

When ants come marching in, get your defense up! TERRO® can help you fight ants both on the inside and outside with our various Liquid Ant Baits. By setting up bait stations around the home where ants are present, it helps you eliminate the ants you see and the ones you do not see. After taking care of the problem, next comes prevention. There are some simple household maintenance ideas that will help to keep ants and other pests out for seasons to come:

  • Apply a barrier treatment around the home for prevention
  • Clean the stove, even outdoor grill with degreaser
  • Clean around the refrigerator and its seals

 ants coming into the home

Our Facebook page gets flooded (pun intended) with fans sharing pictures and videos of TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits and liquid ant killer in action. We are pleased to say, their results have all been great!

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