The History of Roaches

Cockroaches not only seem like they exist everywhere but also seem to have been around forever. These insects are among the most unwelcomed pests in homes and businesses, yet prominent all over the world. How much do you know about cockroaches? Learn the history of these ancient bugs, plus other facts that you probably didn’t know about roaches.

Where Do Cockroaches Come From?

Fossil records indicate that the ancestor of the modern cockroach dates back millions of years ago. Throughout the years, little has changed with their appearance. Roaches are known to be very adaptive in situations and have evolved multiple times for their species survival throughout millennia.

It is believed is that roaches were originally from tropical regions, and eventually adapted to cooler conditions. Because they can eat anything and can survive in most temperatures (besides the extreme polar regions of the planet), it is easy for them to find food, especially in areas humans inhabit. Roaches have learned how to survive anywhere humans can and take advantage of the things that we need for survival too. Roaches inhabit all the continents, besides Antarctica.

Roaches have had a lot of time to evolve the characteristics that they have today, which is why they are still prominent pests. With their ability to fold their wings over their body as protection, these bugs use their bodies as a strong shield that can withstand a lot of pressure. Plus, they have the capabilities to hide from predators and escape from situations where other insects wouldn’t survive. Some species of cockroaches have developed the ability to run faster than any other insect while using their sensory organs on their legs to sense danger and run away within milliseconds.

There are more than 4 thousand known species of cockroaches worldwide, and some are still being discovered to this day. With each new species, we are learning more and more about these insects' characteristics and how they’re evolving with us.

Why Roaches Survived This Long?

As we know, cockroaches are a very adaptive species. What characteristics have they developed to help them get this far? Here are some of the roach’s habits of survival:

  • They eat whatever they can – roaches will eat anything they can, including their feces, vomit, and other roaches.
  • They can run fast – cockroaches can run up to 50 times their body length in one second.
  • They can handle radiation – Roaches can handle up to 15 times more radiation than humans.
  • They can survive without their head – The body of a cockroach can live up to 2 weeks without its head.
  • They can go a while without food – Roaches can live a month without food, and a week without water.

Roaches have specific genes and characteristics that have helped them adapt to certain situations and give them advantages over their predators. Because they are so resilient, it might seem like an impossible task to keep them away from your home. With TERRO Roach Control solutions, you can help deter these insects from coming into your home, get rid of an infestation, and make sure your home stays roach-free.

Keeping The Roaches Away

With a variety of products like baits, traps, and sprays, you can control and prevent infestations in your home. Let us know how you’ve dealt with roaches in the past, or share your experience with our products on our Facebook Page. Be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter to get the latest ways to keep your home insect-free, delivered right to your inbox.


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