Bulk Insect Control

Insect Control Solutions in the Bulk Quantities You Need

TERRO® offers its traps, baits, sprays and treatments in larger quantities at a savings to you! Whether you’re a business or a home owner, buying in bulk can definitely help with your budget, so TERRO® is happy to bring you the insect control solutions you need. TERRO® is ready to help you fight fruit flies, ants, moths, wasps, stink bugs and more!

bulk insect control

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  1. 6 PACK
    TERRO® Perimeter Ant Bait Plus - 6 Pack



    • Bait & kill ants, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, slugs, snails
    • Weather resistant granules for longer protection - up to 4 weeks
    • Takes care of insect infestations outside before they enter the home
    • Ideal as a perimeter application around the home or property
    • 2 lb shaker canister allows for easy application
    • Cost effective 6-pack
  2. 6 PACK
    TERRO® Hobo Spider Trap - 6 Pack



    Out of stock

    • Traps spiders, specifically the hobo spider
    • Includes 24 traps, with fact sheet on venomous spiders
    • Use traps flat or folded
    • Place trap against wall or where spiders are noticed
    • Completely disposable--just toss and replace

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Bulk Insect Control

TERRO® should be your go-to source for insect control in home and business settings. TERRO® also offers guidance on taking on the nuisance insect pests in your yard, home or workplace, so be sure to explore these resources:

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Looking for additional help from TERRO® as you battle insects your home or business? Try subscribing to the TERRO® eNewsletter, which often includes money-saving coupon codes and links to helpful articles on insect control. If you have questions about any product produced by TERRO®, you can contact the TERRO® Consumer Care Team at 1(800)800-1819.



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