TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits

TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits 25 4.7 5 1
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  • Kills the ants you see and the ones you don’t
  • Ready to use – set the bait, attract ants, and kill the colony
  • Stay-fresh tab keeps liquid bait fresh until opened
  • Snap-off design makes it easy to open – no scissors needed
  • Use bait stations along baseboard, under appliances, on windowsills and wherever ants are numerous

Best Used For

On Floors
Along Baseboards
Under Cabinets
On Countertops
Near Entry Points

Terro® Liquid Ant Baits

Ants can be a problem anywhere – in the home, at work and everywhere in between. To kill common household ants, place TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits in areas where they attract foraging ants that take the bait back to the nest. As the bait circulates through the colony, it kills the ants you see and the ones you don’t. The new and improved snap-off tab makes the stations easy to use. Plus, the closed bait stations prevent the bait from drying out to provide the ants with a continuous supply of liquid, day and night. Note: complete control may take up to two weeks.

Voted Best Ant Killer 2 Years Running by NYT Wirecutter!

How Liquid Ant Baits Work

How Liquid Ant Bait Works

Since this is a bait, initially you will see more ants – but don’t worry, this is a good thing. Why? As ants forage for food, they are easily attracted to the sweet, sugary liquid inside the bait stations. After finding the bait, worker ants consume it and leave behind a pheromone trail leading back to the colony. This trail lets other worker ants know where the newly discovered food supply is. This is why you will see more ants in the beginning.

Meanwhile, the active ingredient, Borax, is slowly interfering with the ant’s digestive system, ultimately killing it, but leaving enough time for the ant to go back and share the dose with the rest of the colony. This slow kill is necessary so that foraging ants can make several trips to the bait. The communal nature of an ant colony allows the bait to be spread to hundreds, if not thousands, of individual ants.

Where to Place Ant Baits

Place TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits near trails and other locations where ants are numerous. It’s also a good idea to place bait stations anywhere ants may try to enter your home. The compact size of the bait stations makes them perfect for placement along baseboards, in corners, on counters, under and behind appliances, and on windowsills. The more bait placements, the better!

Where to Place Liquid Ant Baits
Easy Open Tab

Easy-Open Tab

Each TERRO® Liquid Ant Bait station is sealed so the bait stays fresh until you’re ready to use them. To open the bait, hold the station vertically and twist the new and improved tab. This opens up the station and allows ants to access the bait. Place the entire station on a flat surface, keeping the ant bait inside the station.

Note: Some earlier versions of TERRO® Liquid Ant Bait required it to be opened by scissors. The new snap-off tab eliminates this method of opening, but some earlier versions may still be sold while supplies last.

How to Use Liquid Ant Baits

TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits are very easy to use. Before placing the bait stations, be sure to remove other sources of food, such as crumbs, sugar and grease spots to prevent attracting ants elsewhere. Do not place bait where you’ve already sprayed insecticides, as the pests may avoid the bait stations.

  1. Hold the bait station firmly with bait pack tab facing up. Break off the tab being careful not to spill the bait.
  2. Place the bait station label side up on a flat surface near signs of ants. Place additional bait stations anywhere they may enter your home. For best results, use all six bait stations to ensure a sufficient supply for the ants.
  3. Monitor placements regularly, but do not interfere with the pests or bait stations. Replace when bait is depleted. Complete control may take up to two weeks.
  4. Once ants are controlled, replace the baits every 3 months to keep them from returning.
How to Use Liquid Ant Baits

TERRO® Liquid Ant Bait Product Details

Interested in learning more about TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits? Take a closer look at its in-depth specifications.

TERRO® Liquid Ant Bait
Model # T300
Includes 6 bait stations per pack
Active Ingredients 5.40% Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (Borax)
Eliminates Ants: including acrobat ants, allegheny ants, argentine ants, big headed ants, cornfield ants, crazy ants, ghost ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, pyramid ants, thief ants, white footed ants, and other sweet eating ants (except fire ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, and harvester ants)
TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits
Model Number T300
Weight .040 lb
Dimensions 4.25 x 1.63 x .50 in
Includes 6 Bait stations per pack
Active Ingredients 5.40% Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (Borax)

All Common Household Ants, Including:

  • Acrobat ants
  • Allegheny ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Big headed ants
  • Cornfield ants
  • Crazy ants
  • Ghost ants
  • Little black ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Pyramid ants
  • Thief ants
  • White footed ants
  • Other sweet eating ants (except fire ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, and harvester ants
Recommended Placement
  • Along baseboards
  • In corners of rooms and cabinets
  • On countertops
  • Under and behind appliances
  • Under sinks or around pipes and water sources
  • On windowsills and around doorways
  • Near garbage cans
  • Along ant trails
  • Pre-filled and ready to use
  • Station offers a continuous supply of bait to keep ants coming back
  • Snap-off tab keeps ant bait fresh
  • Bait triggers a slow kill, targeting the ants you see and the ants you don’t
  • Net ant bait contents per package: 2.2 fl oz
Usage Notes
  • Consult packaging before using.
  • Ants will appear in large numbers at first, then disappear as the liquid bait takes effect.
  • Complete control may take up to two weeks.
  • Replace every 3 months.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • DO NOT USE in edible product areas of food handling establishments, restaurants or other areas where food is commercially prepared or processed. Do not use in serving areas while food is exposed. Avoid contamination of feed and foodstuffs.
  • Place bait in areas inaccessible to children and pets.

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On items like this, either ...
May 19, 2023
On items like this, either it works or it doesn't. Well, seeing is believing, I mean not seeing is believing. Not seeing ants that is. Money well spent.
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Had carpenter ants entering my ...
Apr 30, 2023
Had carpenter ants entering my house. A friend recommended trying this product, followed the directions on the package and it worked exactly how it said. After 72 hours, all I had was an Ant graveyard and a trail to where they were coming in
Was this review helpful? 0
Pure liquid magic.
Apr 12, 2023
Pure liquid magic. I can't thank you enough.
Was this review helpful? 0
In 4 out of 6 ...
Apr 3, 2023
In 4 out of 6 stations I received were yellow liquid. Mean’s they are spoiled?
Was this review helpful? 0
Response from Admin
Apr 6, 2023
Thank you for reaching out. TERRO® Liquid Ant Bait is typically a clear liquid. Sometimes it will turn an amber/brownish color. The good news is as long as it is in a liquid state it will still work. It is only when the product begins to crystallize or harden that it is no longer effective.
Mar 20, 2023
Winner! I have been trying to rid the ants in my apartment for 4 years. They mainly were in my kitchen and bathroom. Previously tried Raid and heavy duty feed store stuff that didn't work. I saw a commercial of Terro and thought I should try it. Less than a week the ants are ALL gone! 1st day of bait, they all came to feast, a few days after. Gonners! Is so good to have my kitchen counters free of ants. This stuff works! Thanks Terro!
Was this review helpful? 1
My cat’s food was attacked ...
Jan 21, 2023
My cat’s food was attacked by ants so this was a very safe and effective way to divert and trap the ants.
Was this review helpful? 1
The ants go bonkers over ...
Jan 13, 2023
The ants go bonkers over these traps. Overnight the trap became the biggest joint in the room for the ant colony. I look forward to being rid of them.
Was this review helpful? 1
I bought some of these ...
Jan 1, 2023
I bought some of these thinking this would be the new improved way to control ants. I put some right by the old fashion Terro that you put on a piece of paper or heavy card stock and they won’t even touch these baits. They cost a lot more and are a waste of money. Also we been putting Terro out for six weeks now and it seems like we’re just feeding yhem and they’re not dying. It’s like they’re having an ant buffet.
Was this review helpful? 1
Response from Admin
Jan 4, 2023
Ants will regularly visit they first find food at, and on average a colony is eliminated in two weeks. Large colonies will take longer, or if there are multiple colonies in the area. Please contact us at 844-837-7644 with any questions, we're happy to help.
Stopped working
Dec 2, 2022
It worked in a few days in the kitchen and the bathroom. I have been putting it down twice a day in the master bedroom walk-in closet where there is no food and there are more than ever. Why do they keep coming!!! Are they resistant now? It has been two weeks!
Was this review helpful? 1
Response from Admin
Dec 7, 2022
We appreciate your feedback! On average it takes two weeks to eliminate a colony, and because this is a bait, initially there will be more ants. If activity persists longer than two weeks you may have a large colony or multiple colonies. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we're happy to help.
Excellent product.
Nov 29, 2022
Excellent product. Used the other brand which fails in comparison to Terro!!!! Will never switch back.
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Are the liquid ant baits safe to use if we have dogs?
Question by: Colin on May 7, 2023, 5:27 PM
We recommend placing these bait stations out of reach of any pets.
Answer by: Susan (Admin) on May 9, 2023, 11:19 AM
Do I clean area before or after baits in basement?
Question by: Sharon on May 8, 2023, 4:30 PM
Once ant activity has stopped, the area can be cleaned with mild soap and water if desired.
Answer by: Susan (Admin) on May 9, 2023, 11:43 AM
I have set a few baits over 1 week ago and they still keep coming. They are in a bedroom without any other food source. When will they stop?
Question by: Barbara Weimar on May 4, 2023, 11:26 AM
It can take up to two weeks to eliminate a colony. If you are still seeing ants after this time, it is possible that you are dealing with multiple colonies, or an extremely large colony.
Answer by: Susan (Admin) on May 9, 2023, 9:49 AM

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