TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer

TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer 179 4.3 5 1
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  • Attracts and kills all common household ants
  • Kills the ants you see and the ants you don’t
  • Worker ants deliver a lethal dose to the rest of the colony
  • Apply product to cardboard tiles and place where ants are seen
  • The more bait placements the better your results will be
  • Use along baseboards, under cabinets and near entry points
  • Includes 1 Pack

Best Used For

On Floors
Along Baseboards
Under Cabinets
On Countertops
Near Entry Points

Terro® Liquid Ant Killer

When you have a bug problem, you want to ensure your efforts are as simple and effective as possible. TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer uses borax to kill the ants you see, as well as the ants you don’t see. It works by allowing the forager ants to consume the product and survive long enough to carry the liquid back to the nest and deliver a dose to the rest of the colony. Complete control may take up to two weeks. For your convenience, the packaging conveniently comes apart to allow for easy placement.

Eliminate Ants

How Does Liquid Ant Killer Work?

Since this is a bait, initially you will see more ants – but don’t worry, this is a good thing. As ants forage for food, they are easily attracted to the sweet liquid. After finding the bait, worker ants consume it and leave behind a pheromone trail leading back to the colony. This trail lets other worker ants know where the newly discovered food supply is. This is why you will see more ants in the beginning.

Meanwhile, the active ingredient, borax, is slowly interfering with each ant’s digestive system, ultimately killing them, but leaving enough time for the ants to go back and share the dose with the rest of the colony. This slow kill is necessary so that foraging ants can make several trips to the bait, allowing you to get rid of both the ants you see and the ants you don’t.

Where to Place Liquid Ant Killer

Place TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer near ant trails and other locations where they are numerous. Apply the baited cardboard tiles on the edges of sinks, tubs, windowsills, under food cabinets, along floors and baseboards and in corners. The more bait placements, the better! Be sure to leave the ant killer undisturbed while the ants are actively feeding on it.

Where to Place Bait
How to use

Where to Place Ant & Roach Baits

TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer is very easy to use. Before placing the ant killer, be sure to remove other sources of food, such as crumbs, sugar and grease spots to prevent attracting them elsewhere. Do not place where you’ve already sprayed insecticides, as the pests may avoid the ant killer.

  1. Tear the "PLACE TERRO® HERE" cardboard tiles from the packaging along the perforated lines. Then, apply drops of the liquid ant killer directly from the bottle onto the smooth side of the tile. you may also substitute with small pieces of paper, cardboard or foil.
  2. Place the ant killer tiles on a flat surface near signs of target pests. Place additional tiles anywhere they may enter your home. Heavily infested areas may require additional placements.
  3. Monitor placements regularly, but do not interfere with the pests or bait. Add more liquid if it goes dry or simply add more tiles to ensure there's always a fresh supply for the ants. Depending on the size of the ant invasion, complete control may take up to two weeks.

TERRO® Liquid Ant & Killer Product Details

Interested in learning more about TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer? Take a closer look at its in-depth specifications.

TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer
Model # T100-12
Quantity 1-Pack
Each Pack Includes
  • 1 oz bottle
  • Nine cardboard squares for product placement
Active Ingredients 5.40% Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (Borax)
Eliminates Common household ants, including acrobat ants, argentine ants, big headed ants, cornfield ants, crazy ants, ghost ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, white footed ants, and other sweet eating ants
Recommended Placement
  • Along baseboards
  • In corners of rooms
  • Under food cabinets
  • On countertops
  • On edges of sinks and tubs
  • Under and behind appliances
  • Under sinks or around pipes
  • On windowsills and around doorways
  • Near garbage cans
  • Along ant trails
TERRO® Liquid Ant Killer
Model Number T100-12
Quantity 1-Pack
Each Pack Includes
  • 1 oz bottle
  • Nine cardboard squares for product placement
Weight .120 lb
Dimensions .70 x 1.4 x 5.8 in
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4.3 out of 5 stars
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Needs better instructions!
Oct 17, 2023
Needs better instructions! Great product, though!
Was this review helpful? 0
Garden ants invaded my home ...
Sep 8, 2023
Garden ants invaded my home 10 days ago. After using Terro, no ants after 24 hrs. This stuff is amazing.
Was this review helpful? 0
Ant Invasion Containment
Aug 14, 2023
Aside from working beautifully, Terro instantly has the little pests swarming around the bait instead of the pantry, counter, or whatever attracted them originally. It really is possible to “herd” the ants!
Was this review helpful? 0
The tabs are too small.
Aug 13, 2023
The tabs are too small. Difficult to place one drop in the center where it won’t spill over. If you need to place the bait on the tab and then slip it under the counter it gets messy. It is too small to safely lift and maneuver into place.. I wouldn’t purchase it again.
Was this review helpful? 7
Had an old bottle (probably ...
Jul 31, 2023
Had an old bottle (probably 3 years) of TERRO ant killer in a drawer. Started seeing some large black carpenter ants crawling across the granite backsplash in my kitchen. They were traveling to and from a small crack where the cabinets meet the wall. I placed 5 small cardboard squares along the path. Many more ants appeared over a 24 hour period. All feeding and some feeding others as they arrived. Day number 3, no ants. This stuff works.
Was this review helpful? 0
It worked!
Jun 29, 2023
I have lived in FL 33 years and have done my own pest control. Never had an ant issue until this year. Out of nowhere these "micro" scurrying little ants around kitchen and bath counters were not phased by anything. Super cleaning, natural baits, dry fogging, etc., and nothing happened. Put a few drops of this on bath counter and in 20 minutes there was a stream of ants to and from. This went on steady for about 3 hours and then it started to slow until by evening it had stopped entirely. Two days now and nada. Not even in the kitchen where I didn't apply product!! I still have 95%+ of the bottle if I need another "dose"!! I guess it really does kill the NEST and stop the train!
Was this review helpful? 0
This stuff is incredible!
Jun 21, 2023
This stuff is incredible! I had purchased Raid ant traps and the ants walked AROUND them, did not venture in at all. Had those bait traps out for 1 week and the ant problem got worse. The MINUTE Terro was put out the ants lined up to feed. I put some at the area they were entering my kitchen yerj68& the activity was crazy, they scurried right to the liquid like kids to an ice cream truck!! I swear, 2 hours later NO ANTS!!
Was this review helpful? 0
This is a phenomenal product.
Jun 6, 2023
This is a phenomenal product. I only use it to get rid of nasty ants. This product works like magic. I have highly recommended it and stand by it. Trust me on this one! Since using this product, I don’t see ants any longer. At first, I was somewhat skeptical. That is a thing of the past. It works just like it should. You must give it a try, and you will be a believer too.
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I had ants in my ... kitchen
May 28, 2023
I had ants in my house a few years ago and paid an exterminator hundreds of dollars to treat my house against insects. The ants didn’t go away at all. So I tried Terro. I located where the ants were coming in, and placed a big drop on some cardboard squares next to the location. Soon they were gathered around the Terro feasting. Most died where they stood, but some made it back to the colony and all there were killed. I did this again the following year for the few new ants coming in. They died as well. Since then, no ants whatsoever. This is great stuff. Try it!
Was this review helpful? 0
This stuff is no joke.
May 15, 2023
This stuff is no joke. I have been having problems with ants bedding in my growing pots. So I placed a few tabs around my pots and within 5 minutes this is what the tab looked like.
Was this review helpful? 0


Is the liquid ant killer harmful to cats?
Question by: Jerry Lewis on Jul 12, 2021, 8:00 PM
The liquid bait consists of borax, sugar, and water. We recommend keeping the bait out of reach of curious kitties. Any medical concerns should be directed to a veteranarian.
Answer by: Woodstream (Admin) on Jul 13, 2021, 8:00 PM
Is there an expiration date on the bait? I can't find one on the box. Thanks!
Question by: Larry Stolte on May 8, 2023, 1:25 PM
As long as the bait is liquid, it will be active. We do recommend replacing it after two years to keep it fresh.
Answer by: Susan (Admin) on May 9, 2023, 11:38 AM
Is the ant killer harmful to a human if it gets on the skin.
Question by: Robert Armitage on Sep 26, 2017, 8:00 PM
If this product comes in contact with skin, we recommend washing the area with soap and water thoroughly.
Answer by: Woodstream (Admin) on Sep 27, 2017, 8:00 PM

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