TERRO® Spider Kit

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  • All-in-one kit provides all you need to protect from spider invaders
  • Target spiders wherever they strike – both indoors and outdoors
  • Refillable Spider & Insect Trap attracts and traps spiders and crawling insects
  • Cobweb Eliminator stops web formations and keeps spiders from coming back for up to 60 days
  • Spider Killer Spray kills spiders and a variety of insects both indoors and outdoors
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TERRO® Spider Kit

Prepare for spider invaders with the TERRO® Spider Kit! This all-in-one pest control bundle contains everything you need to protect yourself against spiders and crawling insects wherever they strike. Arm yourself for their arrival with TERRO® Refillable Spider & Insect Trap Plus Lure, TERRO® Cobweb Eliminator, and TERRO® Spider Killer Spray.

Refillable Spider and Insect Trap

TERRO® Refillable Spider & Insect Trap

Lure and trap crawling insects with the TERRO® Refillable Spider and Insect Trap, with Hydro-tech Lure™! This discreet and pet-friendly trap is designed to match with your décor and can fit into small spaces, including underneath cabinets and furniture. Spiders and insects can enter via six separate entry points and get stuck to the glue board in the trap. Our Hydro-tech Lure™ helps to keep pests interested in the trap!

TERRO® Cobweb Eliminator

Get long-lasting protection against spider web formation with TERRO® Cobweb Eliminator. This convenient ready-to-use spray starts working immediately to prevent spiders from forming new webs after you knock them down. The effective formula creates a barrier that offers both long-lasting repellency against spiders and prevents new webs from adhering for up to 60 days when applied indoors or to covered outdoor surfaces.

Cobweb Eliminator
Spider Killer Spray

TERRO® Spider Killer Spray

Are creepy crawlers invading your home? Protect yourself with TERRO® Spider Killer Spray. This spray kills an array of spiders including black widow, brown recluse, and hobo spiders. In addition, the product also works on ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, scorpions, silverfish, Asian lady beetles, and crickets. The water-based formula provides rapid knockdown and extended killing power. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

TERRO® Spider Kit Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the TERRO® Spider Kit? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

TERRO® Spider Kit
  • TERRO® Refillable Spider & Insect Trap Plus Lure (2 trap housings, 8 glue boards, 2 lure humidifiers, and 1 bottle of lure)
  • TERRO® Cobweb Eliminator (1 bottle)
  • TERRO® Spider Killer Spray (1 bottle)
Effective Against Spiders
TERRO® Spider Kit
  • TERRO® Refillable Spider & Insect Trap Plus Lure (2 trap housings, 8 glue boards, 2 lure humidifiers, and 1 bottle of lure)
  • TERRO® Cobweb Eliminator (1 bottle)
  • TERRO® Spider Killer Spray (1 bottle)
TERRO® Refillable Spider & Insect Trap Specifications
  • Refillable trap with Hydro-tech Lure™-attract & trap spiders & insects
  • Discreet, two-color design blends in with your décor
  • Pet-friendly, low-profile design prevents paws from entering the trap
  • Bug-shield Grip™ prevents contact with trapped insects while inspecting or replacing the trap
  • Durable construction allows for a long-lasting trap life
  • 4-month supply of glue boards and lures included, replacement boards available!
  • 2 traps per box
TERRO® Cobweb Eliminator Specifications
  • Stop web formation & keep spiders from coming back - up to 60 days
  • Offers long-lasting repellency against new cobwebs
  • Easy to use – simply knock down existing webs then spray area
  • Works immediately and offers residual effectiveness
  • For indoor/outdoor use including around porch lights & other common web areas
TERRO® Spider Killer Spray Specifications
  • Kill spiders, including black widow, brown recluse & hobo spiders
  • Also works on ants, cockroaches, crickets, scorpions, bed bugs, and other insects
  • Provides rapid knockdown with extended killing power Use as a direct, broad treatment or crack-and-crevice application
  • Spray along ant trails, near entry points, around baseboards, in crawl spaces, and other common pest areas
  • Water-based formula is ideal for indoor and outdoor use

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