Questions about TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap


Q.Is the bait in the Terro wasp and fly trap dangerous if my pet or child would spill it? Is it poison?

When used as directed this product is safe to use around pets and people. This is an attractant-based trap.

Q.Why does it say not to place the trap near a nest. That is where all of the wasps are circling.

This is specified so that the user does not risk getting stung while hanging/emptying the product.

Q.What are the ingredients in the wasp and fly liquid bait?

The ingredients of the lure are proprietary.

Q.Does this trap attract honey bees as well? I have a garden with hopes of attracting as many honey bees as possible for pollination. I do not want to harm them. So, is this fly/wasp trap safe for honey bees? Thank you.

This trap will not attract beneficial pollinators, such as honey bees and bumble bees.

Q.I just ordered the fly and wasp trap and it says to replace bait bag. What is used as bait? Is it something you supply or we put in and if we put it in, what is it? Also the string at the top - is that something that comes already on the trap or do i have to go out and purchase some string?

This trap includes a bagged lure concentrate. We recommend pouring it into the trap and adding water as directed. The trap also comes with a hanging cord for multiple placement options.

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