Do Vacuums Kill Bugs?

When bugs visit your home, you might not always want to squish or save them. The next best tool is the vacuum. But how effective is a vacuum in killing and ridding your home of bugs for good? Learn if the bugs you’re sucking up are gone for good, plus other uses for your vacuum that can prevent bugs from coming into your house in the first place.

How to Use A Vacuum Against Bugs

It depends on what kind of vacuum you have and what kind of bugs that you’re dealing with to determine if you’re killing the insects after they get sucked up. When it comes to spiders and bugs that have a more fragile body without an exoskeleton, they most likely will be killed by the suction. If they make it into the vacuum bag, they will suffocate from the dirt inside.

Bugs that do survive the suction and stay alive in the vacuum bag can crawl out. Dispose of the vacuum bag or empty the canister when done vacuuming so that they don’t have the chance to get out. Discard in regular trash bags, and then spray bug killer into the bag or cover/seal it to make sure the bugs die.

Another way to prevent bugs from crawling out is to sprinkle soap powder on the floor before using the vacuum. You can also use a spray bottle and put in diluted liquid soap, and spray it on the carpet. This will work well as a DIY insect repellent.

When dealing with fleas, vacuuming is a great way to eliminate and rid your house of them. Vacuums that kill insects and allow you to create a germ-free environment will help attack the fleas and prevent further spread. Fleas will gather at the nozzle of the vacuum after around 5 minutes, eventually getting sucked in. Once you’ve finished, seal the vacuum bag and throw it away (preferably outside your home). Regular vacuuming when first finding fleas can make a difference in stopping and slowing an infestation.

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How to Prevent Insects by Vacuuming

Vacuuming doesn’t just eliminate the bugs that have invaded your home, it’s also a great preventative step for stopping future insect invasions.

There are many uses for the household vacuum when it comes to protection against bugs. Here are some ways vacuuming helps your home:

  • Gets rid of insect attractions like food, lint, and pet hairs
  • Removes dead insects that attract other pests
  • Allows insecticide treatments to work better with less dust and debris
  • Removes pest allergens

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