How to Use Contact Killers Safely in Your Home

How to Use Contact Killers Safely in Your Home

Ants may be tiny, but they invade in large numbers and it seems almost impossible to get them out of your home quickly. Contact ant killers are an effective solution and kill ants and other target insects immediately, however, in many cases they do contain poisons. Homes with kids and pets can absolutely use these types of ant control solutions, but it requires a more careful approach. Below you’ll learn everything you need to know to effectively use contact killers in your home so you can keep your family and pets safe without compromising on insect control.

What Are Contact Killers

Contact ant killers get their name by their ability to kill ants and other insects when they come into contact with their ingredients. This type of insect control comes in liquid, dust, and granule form, allowing you to place them in many different areas where you need them the most. Most contact killers are powerful enough to be effective both indoors and out. Some are even weather-resistant, providing several weeks of protection outdoors even in adverse weather conditions.

This type of ant killer typically works immediately and provides on-the-spot results without having to wait. Contact killers are most often applied directly to any ants you can see indoors and outdoors as well as directly to ant mounds. In addition, contact killers can be used to create a barrier around your property or areas you wish to protect and keep ants out for good. To achieve the best results, identify areas where many ants congregate, such as around food waste, yard debris, and in gardens, and use the sprays immediately to make the biggest impact on their populations.

Benefits of Using Contact Killers

When you need a powerful solution against a tough ant problem, contact killers are more than up for the job. As a form of insect control, few other options offer solutions that are as quick. The following are just a few of the many benefits contact killers possess to help you control ant infestations.

  • Versatile Placement -- Contact killers are easy to apply in a variety of places. Sprays can be aimed under appliances and in holes and dusts or granules can be placed in mounds, cracks, crevices, and more. If there’s an ant problem anywhere in your home or on your property, chances are contact ant killers can reach it.
  • Convenient Application - Having a lightweight, portable option for insect control can make eliminating insects much more convenient. Contact killers come ready to use. Simply open the container or take the top off the can and you’re ready to wage war against these tiny pests.
  • Works Immediately - There is usually little to no wait time between applying your contact killers to your ant infestation and it beginning to work. Sprays eliminate ants immediately while the dust and granules cause their demise as soon as they cross over the substance.
  • Weather Resistant - The power behind contact killers also allows them to be long-lasting and weather resistant. Dusts and granules can be placed outside and remain effective for several weeks even in adverse weather conditions. Sprays leave behind residues that, if they are not cleaned up, can still eliminate ants that come into contact with it.
  • Protects Large Areas - If you’ve ever had ants inside your home, you know they don’t typically congregate in one spot. That would be too convenient. You need an ant killer that can provide widespread protection and contact killers do just that. Spread as much or as little as required in the area and save the rest for later or for a different problem area.
  • Provides Residual Protection - Contact killers will usually leave behind a residue that can be lethal to ants, even when the product itself is not present. This is especially true for sprays where the liquid remains on the surface where the ants were originally sprayed. Unless areas are thoroughly cleaned after an application, contact killers can still do their job albeit on a smaller scale.

How to Safely Use Contact Killer Products

While contact killers do contain poisons, they can be used safely in homes even those with kids and pets. As with any other product, there are drawbacks to their use and, as a result, safety precautions should be taken. If you know you need contact killers to eliminate stubborn ant infestations in your home, use the following steps to ensure you not only get rid of any insect problems, but you can also keep your family and pets safe during the process.

  • Follow Directions on Product Label - Always follow the directions on the product label exactly. This will help ensure you bring no harm to yourself or others. It’s important to remember to also look for any cleaning instructions in addition to instructions for use that are on the label.
  • Record Where Contact Killers Are Placed - It can be easy to forget that you placed granules or ant dust in seven different places. If you have kids, pets, or both running around and these insecticides can be easily reached, it’s important to know where all of the application areas are located. Keep an up-to-date list on your phone, fridge, or wherever you will notice it to ensure you are keeping your family away from these areas as needed.
  • Monitor Pets and Kids Around Product -- If you placed a contact killer in an area where your family and pets frequently pass through, keep a close eye on any person or pet that may get curious about the dusts, sprays, or granules. We all know how curious kids and pets can be, so it’s best to keep a watchful eye on them.
  • Incorporate Barriers Around Application Area - If you can’t keep an eye on everyone at all times, place a barrier around the area. Ants are tiny insects and will most likely be able to access the area, especially if you’ve noticed them coming through a crack in the wall. The best barriers should keep ants in where they can touch the contact killer and family members out where they cannot reach it.
  • Thoroughly Clean Application Area - There’s no denying that contact killers are effective since even their residues can eliminate ants. However, this residue can sometimes be harmful to the touch or if ingested. Thoroughly clean the area to ensure any leftover spray, dust, and granules are thrown away in a secure trash can. Then, clean the area again to prevent any residue from causing harm.
  • Use Pet and Kid-Friendly Preventatives - If implementing barriers and monitoring areas are not possible in areas where you have ants, there are many options you can choose. Ant baits and diatomaceous earth are safe alternatives for homes with kids and pets when used as directed. This will keep your ant infestations in check while allowing you to use contact killers for immediate results in areas where kids and pets cannot access them.

How Will You Apply These Safety Precautions?

Contact killers can be a safe option when used as directed and with proper precautions. Let us know how you’re going to make your home a safer place to use these types of ant killers on our Facebook page. If you really enjoying getting discounts on your favorite Terro® products and love being among the first to hear about new products or articles, consider signing up for our e-newsletter


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