Why Summer Bugs Are Active

Why Summer Bugs Are Active

With summer in full swing and the temperatures heating up, we tend to be more active, enjoying the warm days and spending more time outdoors. Last month, we walked through the three insects (ants, fruit flies and wasps/hornets) that are most active in the summer and we provided you with some tips for dealing with them. Now that you’re prepared for dealing with them, this month, we’ll help to shed some light on the question: Why are these insects most active during the summer months?


You may be noticing a spike in wasp and hornet activity during the summer months. Ever wonder why they’re most active now? By the time late summer rolls around, the queen has laid enough eggs to produce thousands of wasps in the colony. With so many wasps in the nest and the worker wasps beginning to emerge, you’re likely to see an increase in wasp activity around the nest.

wasp on tree

Another pest you may see more of this time of year is ants. Ants become active when the temperatures are consistently between 70 degrees and 90 degrees and are actively foraging for food. Some species, such as the odorous house ant, will forage in greater numbers during times of day when the temperatures are cooler, but many ants will forage almost any time of day and night in the summer. Ants foraging more often means you’re more likely to see them in plain sight.

ants under siding


A third pest you’re likely to notice more often during the summer is fruit flies. Late summer into early fall is the prime time for fruit fly activity, with it being the harvest season. This is the season for fresh fruits and vegetables, which are a key to completing the life cycle of a fruit fly. Fruit flies lay eggs on organic matter, such as fruits or vegetables, and immediately upon hatching, the larvae survive by feeding on it. You may wonder why you see so many fruit flies at a time. A fruit fly can lay upwards of 500 eggs in its lifetime and the entire life cycle only takes about one week. What this means, is that a few fruit flies can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation.  

fruit flies on peach


Last but not least one of the most dreadful summer pests, the mosquito. Mosquitoes love summer and can reside year-round in warm, tropical locations. In addition to their love for heat, they also enjoy moisture. They are commonly found lingering by standing water like ponds, swamps, flower pots, etc. Mosquitoes can reproduce within about 2 weeks time but they live no more than a week to a few months at most. These pests are something to be feared as they can carry diseases such as Malaria, Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus, and Zika. Many would say this is the most irritating insect during summer months. 


These pests, like us, are more active during the summer months, but we’re here to help in your battle of the summer bugs! We can help you control the insects that seem to be invading your space this summer. Learn more by visiting our insect learning center, or buy insect control now!


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