Why Are Bugs Bugging Me

Why Are Bugs Bugging Me

Ants, hornets, and stinkbugs - oh my! Throughout the year it seems like bugs are inevitable and inescapable. At TERRO® we have a solution for bugs that could bother you throughout each season. Let’s dive into which bugs linger during each of the four seasons and learn facts about the bugs themselves. 


It's the time of year when we want to bundle up, but we are not the only ones. Some common pests you might see from late December to March include spiders and stinkbugs. Winter is typically a dormant time as insects are cold-blooded and almost go into hibernation. Spiders can find warmth and survive year-round in the home. Spiders stay warm by creating insulated webs to protect them from frigid temperatures. Stink bugs as we know, are just a pain. The scare you as they buzz nearby and smell when you crush them. Can you blame the bugs though, if they just want to be warm inside with you?


As the weather grows milder and warms, the first insect to emerge is ants. The first sight of spring is often marked with ants in the kitchen or around the window sills. They have awakened from their winter slumber and can smell food, such as sweets, in the home. Once it reaches the mid 70’s ants forage continuously and their activity is high. Spiders and stink bugs also re-awaken, more so in April, and try to get back outside where they belong. Some spring cleaning and TERRO® products will help eliminate these common issues and prepare for the next battle: summer.


If there is one thing that insects and humans share, its that we both enjoy being active during the summer! Naturally, that means we will coincide more with these summer pests. Sometimes it seems there is a constant buzzing of some kind. This time of year its hornets, wasps, bees, and another non-buzzing foe, the fruit fly. When summer fruits are ripe, fruit flies can sense it and you will typically see them on your kitchen counter.  They multiply quickly so its best to act fast when eliminating them. Mosquitoes might take the prize for most irritating and worrisome summer insect though, but don’t worry we offer solutions for these pests.


As the temperatures begin to cool, fall arrives as does another set of insects. Spiders are now commonly seen fully grown and stink bugs begin again to try and find a way inside and prepare for winter. In late October and early November, lots of insects are finding a safe place to "winter up" and try to find their way in through window screens, chimneys, and cracks in the foundation. Some of the creepier crawling insects you might find during late fall include silverfish and centipedes. If you have outdoor pets, also beware of fleas, they need warmth to survive and will try and hitch a ride on your pets for the journey inside. Then the cycle begins for another year.

Not sure what your plan of attack is or where to start? Try our Solution Finder and allow us to guide you to the best product for your pest problem.

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