Why Are Spiders in my House?

One of the most dreaded creatures to make their way inside of your home is the spider. Although spiders are usually harmless to humans, many people possess a phobia of them, meaning they aren’t particularly a welcomed household guest. Why are they coming into your home in the first place? To stop these scary spiders, the first step is learning why they are hiding out in your home.

What Attracts Spiders?

Spiders enter your home for a variety of reasons that are based on survival. Their instincts will lead them to find shelter, food, other spiders for mating, and other necessities they need that your home may provide. Spiders prefer quiet places, so if they find a spot in your home that has the perfect conditions to exist in, they might not want to leave. This means it might not be long before an infestation arises.

Let’s break down the things that happen to attract spiders inside your home, and why:

  • Food – Food is an obvious and vital need that spiders need to satisfy. Their prey include flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, cockroaches, moths, and more. Depending on what kind of spider is in your home and what kind of prey is available can factor into what their next meal will be, and where they might find that meal.
  • Warmth – Because spiders need warmth to survive the colder months and harsh weather conditions, your warm home can be the perfect hiding spot until the weather gets nice again. Places that have lots of hiding spots and are frequented less can keep spiders safe and unnoticed during these months.
  • Water – Depending on the species, spiders might prefer to meet their hydration needs through their food intake or drink from standing water in sinks and bathtubs.
  • Trash – Spiders can prey on the insects that are attracted to your garbage, in turn, attracting spiders right to their next meal.
  • Humidity – In some cases, like with the house spider, these insects are attracted to moisture and humidity in the air. Attics and basements appeal to these spiders when they search for their prey and shelter.
  • High Areas of Insect Activity – Spider behavior and habits are based on survival, which relies on finding their next meal. And it just so happens to be that their prey tends to be pesky insects. If you notice an area of your home that might be infested by flies, for example, it could be attracting spiders.

Spiders play an essential role in pest control and are important to the outside ecosystem. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to draw them into your home, though, either.

Why Are Spiders Suddenly in my House?

It might seem like one day, out of the blue, you’re seeing spiders in different areas of your home. Why is this happening? Facing one spider is already a daunting task. When noticing more than one, you’ve got to examine the situation and understand why they are in your house.

One of the biggest things that can attract spiders into your home suddenly is the infestation of other pests around your house. Whether you can see this issue or not, other pests are one of the main reasons why spiders get lured to a certain spot. Spiders can be a great indicator of another issue going on and can be the result of another infestation.

Mating season is another reason why spiders might suddenly be all over your home. During this period, spider behavior can change drastically. Male spiders will come out of hiding spaces that would usually conceal them to find a mate. If you see spiders around your home, it could be because they are simply looking for other spiders!

How Can I keep Spiders out of my House?

Spiders enter homes easily through cracks in doors, windows, and other small gaps in the foundation of your home. Some spiders can even make their way inside by latching on to pets, plants, firewood, and boxes that are stored in garages or other outside areas. Because there are so many possibilities of them invading your house, it’s important to take steps beforehand so that you’re making sure your home is defended.

It’s a good idea to check the perimeter of your home and the foundation of your house to be sure there aren’t any vulnerable spots where spiders and insects can get inside. By checking your windows and doors every season, you can not only be sure that you’re helping keep the temperature inside your home under control but also be sure that pests aren’t getting any free passes with these easy-access spots.

Cleaning up the clutter in humid areas – like basements and attics – can limit the hiding spaces that protect spiders. Vacuuming your home frequently can clear away spider webs, dust, and other insects. Keeping your home clean and organized can be an easy way to limit and stop spider activity.

By using insect products, like TERRO® Refillable Spider & Insect Trap Plus Lure, which attracts and traps spiders and other crawling insects discreetly, you can take control of your home. With a variety of options, our spider control options take the struggle away from you and allow you to get rid of spiders quickly and easily.

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How TERRO Can Help You Conquer Your Fear of Spiders

Spiders can be beneficial insects…that is, in your yard. Keep them out of your house by eliminating certain attractions and taking precautions with our trusted line of products, from killers to traps. Let us know how you deal with spiders in your home on our Facebook Page! Remember, when you subscribe to our E-Newsletter, you can get exclusive deals, promotions, product details, and the latest information on keeping your home pest-free.  


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