How to Prevent A Fly Infestation

How to Prevent A Fly Infestation

House flies may seem inevitable, and in many respects they are. But believe it or not, there are many simple steps you can take to reduce the number of flies that show up in your home uninvited. Like with most bugs, it’s much easier to prevent flies than it is to get rid of them once they’ve already taken over. From cleaning and fly-proofing to fly control products, we have some simple tips and solutions to help you avoid a fly infestation in your home.

Seal Entry Points

The first step in any home insect prevention regimen is to figure out how the bugs are getting inside and seal off their entry points. It’s perfectly normal for a few flies to come in through the door when you come and go from your house. But unless you’re leaving your door hanging open for extended periods, this shouldn’t be the cause of an infestation. So, if you have a lot of flies, there’s likely another way they’re getting in. Check screens for holes and tears. Make sure windows, doors, and vents are properly sealed and free of holes and damage. Re-caulk, replace weather stripping, and make repairs and updates as needed.

Sanitize Your Home

The unclean areas of a home are a buffet for flies. Dirty dishes in the sink, food left sitting out, trashcans that need emptying, and other such things are all an invitation to flies. They come to your house looking for food, so try not to give them any! Try switching to a lidded trashcan and keep the other fly-attracting areas as tidy as possible. Add these chores to your daily or weekly routine as needed to keep things in check.  

Clean Up After Your Pets

kitten and dog laying next to each other on the floor

In addition to keeping your pets happy and healthy, flies are a good reason to make sure you’re regularly cleaning up after your pet. Flies are attracted to rotting matter, including feces. Flies can lay over 100 eggs at a time, and if your cat’s litterbox or your dog’s potty spot in the backyard isn’t regularly picked up, it could quickly become the perfect breeding ground for all those eggs. Fly eggs hatch quickly, so it’s best to scoop up after them on a daily basis.

Aside from their poop, your pet’s food bowls can also be attractive to flies – particularly wet food since it tends to have a stronger smell and can go bad if left sitting. Discard or store any half-empty food bowls before they can draw flies.

Take Immediate Action

Like we said above, flies breed a lot! In no time at all, a couple of flies can turn into hundreds if you let them be. Rather than assume the problem will go away on its own in a few days, you should take immediate steps to eliminate a fly if you see one buzzing around your home. Keep a fly swatter handy for swift removal. You can also implement solutions that will stand guard for you in case a fly sneaks by you. Which leads us to…

Use Fly Control Products

TERRO Discreet Indoor Fly Trap sitting on a kitchen countertop near a window and stainless steel sink

At TERRO®, we have many traps and solutions to help you prevent a couple of flies from turning into a full-blown infestation. Here are just a few of the options we have to suit your needs:

  • Discreet Indoor Fly Trap – This decorative indoor trap will easily blend in with your décor so you can use it in any room of your home. The simple pattern on the trap paired with the dark surface of the glue boards creates a high contrast that prevents you from having to see the trapped insects. The trap uses a food-based lure to attract flies into the trap housing, stopping the problem as soon as it starts.
  • Garbage Guard® – Stop flies in every stage of life, from egg to adult! The pod attaches to the underside of your outdoor trashcan lid and emits an odorless vapor that deeply penetrates the enclosed space to kill visible and hiding insects, as well as prevent new infestations.
  • Wasp & Fly Traps – These bait traps attract and trap a variety of bothersome flying insects, including flies, wasps, yellow jackets, and fruit flies. The trap will allow flies to be lured by food outside, rather than coming indoors. They’ll go into the trap expecting a treat, and find they are unable to leave!
  • Light Traps – Available from our sister brand, DynaTrap®, traps like the DOT and FlyLight Insect Trap use light to lure flies in. After being lured to the trap by the light, flies and other flying insects are trapped on the StickyTech glue card. The trapped insects are discreetly hidden from view behind a decorative cover or on the back of the glue card.

You can also browse our full selection of fly control solutions.

Turn Off Lights

Flies are attracted to light. Chances are you’ve seen them buzzing towards your light fixtures at night. This is because flies are positively phototactic, which means they’re naturally attracted to light. Turn off outdoor lights at night when possible to avoid attracting them inside as soon as the nearest door opens. Reduce the number of bright lights on inside your house at night as well. However, if you’ve already sealed entry points around your doors and windows, this shouldn’t be as much of a problem.

Add Plants

potted herbs sitting on the windowsill of a home

While some scents are very attractive to flies, others are not. Many flies are put off by the smell of certain herbs, including basil, lavender, bay leaves, catnip, and lemongrass. Strategically place these unappealing plants close to the entrances of your home. Grow an indoor herb garden on your windowsill or plant them outside in planters or flowerbeds. By adding these plants around your home, you may be able to prevent flies from coming to stay and as a bonus, these plants look nice and many can be used in your cooking as well.

Want to Learn More?

Flies are a nuisance and can even be hazardous to your health. If a fly infestation does occur, TERRO® is here with all the information and tools to help you strike back. How have you battled flies in your home? Share it with the TERRO® community the next time you visit us on Facebook. For more helpful tips like these, subscribe to our e-newsletter to learn more about our TERRO® products


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