TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap - Refill

Model #: T517

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  • For use with TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap (T516)
  • Attracts wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and flies
  • Convenient 4-step setup makes it easy-to-use
  • Unique, stink-free bait formula

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TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap - Refill

Get continuous protection from your trap with the TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap Refill. This replacement bait bag can be placed inside your reusable T516 TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap once the old bait bag is full of flies and other insects. Simply empty the old bait and add the new bait without ever missing a beat in your fight against flying insects.

wasp and fly trap plus fruit fly refill
Stink Free Bait
Stink-Free Bait The large container holds a unique, dual-purpose bait, which is designed to attract flies as well as wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. Best of all, it attracts these nuisance insects without the distinctive odor that is common of other fly traps. That’s right – it’s stink-free!
Target Unwanted Insects

With the TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap, you can control stinging insects that bother you outside. Its dual-action function also allows you to attract and trap frustrating flies! Best off, it won’t lure beneficial pollinators, such as honeybees and bumblebees.

Target Unwanted Insects
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How to Bait the TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap For your convenience, the TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap is incredibly easy to setup. After the old bait is filled with insects, simply pour out the old bait and refill with new! Follow the process below to bait the trap in four simple steps.
  1. Pour the bag of bait concentrate into the canister.
  2. After pouring in the bait, add water up to the fill line on the trap.
  3. Close the trap lid. Hold onto the black ring, not the yellow cap when screwing the lid on. Check that the lid is properly secured.
  4. Make sure the Bug Lock Lid™ is in the OPEN position before using the trap.
TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap Refill Product Details Interested in learning more aboutTERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap Refill? Take a closer look at its in-depth specifications for this product. Complete Product Details »
TERRO ® Wasp & Fly Trap - Refill
Model # T517
Refills Bait for TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap (Model # T516)
  • 1 Bag of stink-free bait
Eliminates Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and flies
Learn More About Wasps, Yellow Jackets and Flies

TERRO® has a wide variety of helpful articles to guide you in your efforts to get rid of the pest insects in your home or business. Check out these relevant resources to assist you in your pest control efforts.

About TERRO® For more than a century, TERRO® has been the trusted name in insect control. Our innovative products are the gold standard in home ant control and beyond. Look for our bright orange packaging on a variety of products, including liquid ant killer, aerosol sprays, perimeter treatments and other products for your home and business. More About TERRO®»
Model # T517
Refills Bait for TERRO® Wasp & Fly Trap (Model # T516)
  • 1 Bag of stink-free bait
  • Flies
  • Hornets
  • Wasps
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Net contents 6.7 fl oz (200ml)
  • Dual Action
  • For use in TERRO® Wasp & Fly Traps
Usage Notes
  • Place bait inside trap.
  • Do not hang near insect nests.
  • Wasps are not normally active at night or in the early morning, which makes these times the best for servicing the trap.
  • This trap will not attract beneficial pollinators, such as honey bees and bumble bees.
  • If lure is spilled, remove and wash contaminated clothes immediately.

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