Ready-to-Use Ant Sprays

Ready-to-Use Ant Sprays

When you see ants crawling across the floor or enjoying a leisurely lunch in your pantry, you probably won’t want to wait a day or two for an exterminator to show up. A better option is to have an effective ant control solution at your disposal that’s ready to use right away. TERRO® is your source for reliable ant spray products that you can use to kill ants immediately.

Fast-Acting Ant Killing Spray That Lasts Up to Four Months

Our ready-to-use ant spray works on contact, providing the instant ant elimination you’re looking for. You also get the benefit of long-lasting protection against ants and termites – just one application can help keep these nuisance pests away for up to four months.

The Perfect Ant Spray for Indoors or Outdoors

TERRO® offers the best ant spray for indoor or outdoor use. Our ready-to-use ant killing spray products don’t stain or leave unpleasant odors inside your home. The trigger spray bottle makes it easy to apply the ant killer spray exactly where you need it: in attics, basements or in tight kitchen corners, as well as on carports, decks or patios. You can also reach those cracks and crevices where ants can easily enter your home.

The Best Spray for Ants Is Available at Terro.com

Don’t wait for the exterminator to show up. Be prepared for an ant invasion by ordering your ready-to-use ant spray right here at Terro.com today.

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