Ant Dust/Granules

Ant Dust & Granules

A great way to prevent an ant problem in your home is to keep them from getting inside in the first place! TERRO® offers ant dust and ant bait granules that can provide an effective defense against an ant invasion.

Use our products to create a barrier around the perimeter of your home, or to spot-treat problem areas where ants are getting in.

Use Our Ant Powder to Treat Cracks and Crevices

TERRO® Ant Dust is ideal for spot-treating those tiny cracks and crevices around doors, windows and other tight spaces where ants like to hide. You can use our waterproof ant killing powder outdoors, as rain will not wash it away. You can even apply it indoors to treat specific trouble spots. Ant Dust kills ants on contact, and just one application can eliminate ants for up to eight months. This powder ant killer also works great for other common household pests such as spiders, cockroaches, wasps, silverfish and many others.

Our Ant Killer Granules Provide Superior Perimeter Protection

You don’t have to treat your entire lawn to keep ants away from your home. Just use our ant killer granules to form a defensive perimeter around the foundation of your home. Our weather-resistant granular ant killer is easy to apply — you don’t even need a chemical spreader.

Keep Ants Away for Good

Win the battle against ants and other annoying insects with TERRO® Ant Dust and granular ant killer. Browse our complete selection and place your order today!

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