Liquid Ant Baits

Liquid Ant Baits

While ants have been known to ruin a picnic or two, an ant infestation can cause major headaches for homeowners as well. Ants will help themselves to just about any available food source, and they can cause health problems such as allergies and asthma in some cases.

Ants live in colonies that can include millions of the tiny pests, so if you spot one ant in your home, it probably has many members of its extended family nearby. TERRO® offers a variety of effective liquid ant bait products that can stop an invading ant army in its tracks!

Liquid Ant Bait With Borax

Using an ant bait is the first step in the ant elimination process. The TERRO® line of ant killer bait products rely on Borax for ants — Borax is a natural mineral found in many common household products. The sugar found in the bait attracts the ants, while the ant killer borax eliminates them. Upon ingestion, the worker ant leaves a pheromone trail as it travels back to the colony, which lures more ants to the sweet liquid. Liquid ant baits are viewed as a more effective alternative to ant bait gel products because ants are built to carry liquid. Gel baits require the ant to transport the gel to the larvae to process into a liquid first before sharing with the colony and queen. Liquid baits eliminate this additional step of processing and can be shared immediately with the colony and queen.

Choose the Liquid Ant Bait That Best Meets Your Needs

Our liquid ant baits include indoor and outdoor solutions that are packaged as easy-to-use ant bait stations, stakes or dropper bottles for convenient placement. Take a closer look at our current selection of ant bait products and place your order today!

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