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Have ant problems? Ants can easily find their way inside your home and help themselves to any available food source. Learn about different species of ants you may find in your home and the way they operate as colony, as well as your options to fight them. Discover how to control ants with the help of the TERRO® family of products. We offer effective ant prevention and control solutions for the inside and outside of your home!


Ant Control

Homeowners can have an ant problem in the spring, throughout summer, in the fall and even year-round, depending on climate. Our extensive line of ant control solutions, including liquid and granular baits, contact killers and preventive products, are all designed with one goal in mind - to give you what you need to effectively and easily get rid of unwanted ant invasions. Additionally, check out our step-by-step ant control guides to learn How To Get Rid of Ants and How To Kill Carpenter Ants.

Ant Baits

Baiting is usually the first and best step toward eliminating an ant problem. TERRO® ant bait products provide effective elimination of the colony. The ant bait is formulated to slowly kill the worker ants in two to three days. This gives the foraging ants time to consume the deadly bait, return to the colony and share it with the rest of the unsuspecting nest.

TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits are available in indoor and outdoor versions of pre-filled, ready-to-use ant bait stations. Granular bait products, like TERRO® Perimeter Ant Bait Plus, can be easily applied around the house perimeter to ward off indoor ant invasions.

Contact Killers

TERRO® Ant Killer Sprays provide instant knockdown and long-lasting residual repellency for up to 12 weeks. TERRO® Ant Killer Spray is a surface, spot, or crack and crevice treatment for non-food areas where ants and other insects crawl and hide indoors and outdoors. TERRO® Outdoor Ant Killer Spray is a perimeter barrier that keeps ants from entering the home around foundations, doors and windows.

Ant Prevention Products

The majority of ant invasions are linked to a colony that is actually located underground outside the house. One colony can include millions of ants! To prevent these ants from coming indoors, apply TERRO® Outdoor Ant Killer around the perimeter of your house. The powerful ant killer granules kill pests on contact and provide long-lasting residual repellency.

Ready-to-use TERRO® Ant Dust can be used indoors and out to prevent ant invasions. Apply the ant dust to places where ants may enter the home, including baseboards, doorframes, windowsills, and gaps around electrical, HVAC and water service. The waterproof dust remains effective up to eight months.

Stop Invading Ant Armies in Their Tracks!

Don’t let ants take over your home. Whether you need effective ant control inside or outside your house, you can eliminate your ant problem once and for all with the help of easy-to-use TERRO® ant control solutions!


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