TERRO® Outdoor Ant Killer Spray - 6 Pack

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TERRO® Outdoor Ant Killer Spray - 6 Pack

TERRO® Outdoor Ant Killer Spray - 6 Pack

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  • Kills ants, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, spiders & other insects
  • For use as perimeter treatment to kill ants before they get inside
  • Kills insects instantly and provides residual protection
  • Spray reaches up to 10 to 15 feet away
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Product Description:

Keep ants from entering your house with TERRO® Outdoor Ant Killer. Our best outdoor ant killer provides instant knockdown and long-term control against ants and other unwanted home invaders. An easy-to-use, powerful spray head allows you to deliver barrier spray in hard-to-reach places up to 10-15 feet away. When sprayed, the liquid outdoor ant killer expands upon hitting its target surface and leaves an invisible residual deposit.

TERRO® Outdoor Ant Killer is the best outdoor ant killer product on the market. It's ideal as a perimeter barrier around foundations, doors and windows. It is especially useful outside in early spring when ants emerge and attempt to enter the house. Use again in the fall when ants attempt to come inside for the winter.

General Usage Tips for Killing Ants Outdoors

Follow these tips to ensure you effectively kill ants outside.

  • Direct your application to areas that ants and other insects use as common entry points and foraging trails.
  • Spray with caution when wind conditions may create a mist that may blow back to you.
  • Use the attached red extension tube or the spare — when engaged, spray will shoot out a stream 10 to 15 feet long.
  • Look for ant activity around the outside of the house and spray the outdoor surface areas, spraying as many ants as possible.
  • When killing ants outside, do not apply this product in or around bodies of water.


Where to Use

Ants: Use this outdoor ant spray in key areas outside the house, where you suspect ants are entering the structure, such as around downspouts and gutters, near windowsills and door openings. Spray ants directly where possible. Seal up any visible exterior cracks where ants can be seen entering the home. Apply the outside ant killer on ant trails, hills, ant mounds and other areas of entry and infestation.

Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants usually come from an outside colony and enter your house looking to establish a satellite colony in an area containing water-damaged wood. Carpenter ants are easy to identify because they are larger than all other pest ants. Often you will find them living in wood that has been in contact with water, such as around downspouts and gutters, near windowsills and door openings, close to leaking water pipes, or around decks.

Carpenter ants are most active between dusk and dawn — locate their outside trails during this time. Carpenter ants follow distinct trails such as edges of landscape timbers, along the ground close to outside walls, near downspouts or along the edge of an outside wall. After a careful inspection around the outside of the house, apply TERRO® Outdoor Ant Killer. Outdoor application should include all areas where you suspect ants are entering the home. Seal any visible exterior cracks where ants can be seen entering the home. If ants are discovered inside the home, use a suitable TERRO® indoor ant control product to treat the indoor invasion. If you find the main colony outside in the yard, use the outdoor ant killer spray on the areas where ants are seen entering the main colony.

Spiders: Spray directly on spiders and webs.

Other crawling insects: To control cockroaches, boxelder bugs, crickets, sowbugs and multicolored Asian lady beetles, focus your treatment in key areas outside your house where you suspect these insects are entering. Check downspouts and gutters, near windowsills and door openings. Spray insects directly, where possible, and seal up any visible exterior cracks where crawling insects can be seen entering the home.

View video on how to effectively control outdoor ant invasions:


Product Features

  • Kills ants on contact and provides long-lasting residual control up to 12 weeks
  • Also effective against carpenter ants, carpenter bees, Asian lady beetles, boxelder bugs, spiders, cockroaches and other pests
  • Powerful spray head delivers a stream of product 10 to 15 feet long to help treat hard-to-reach areas
  • For outdoor use only

What’s in the Box

  • Six 1 lb, 3 oz aerosol spray cans
  • Extension tube


  • Contains Permethrin* (0.200%), related reaction products (0.017%), Tetramethrin (0.200%) and other ingredients (99.583%)
  • 1 lb, 3 oz each aerosol spray can
  • For outdoor use only

*Cis/trans isomers ratio: min. 35% (+/-) ci and max. 65% (+/-) trans


Disclaimer: Terro.com does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on www.terro.com
November 28, 2018
best ant killer product on the market! By Nancy

I'm over 70 years of age and have used an array of ant killer products and this is by far the best product on the market!!! when I had trouble finding it in the stores, I went right to the website and have ordered from there ever since, ensuring i'll always have the product on hand. I especially love the spray that shoots out the foam a great distance since at my age I can't always bend down. please don't ever stop making this product!!!

Review Rate
Review posted on www.terro.com
July 12, 2018
Good outweighs the bad By Bug hater

We reside in a heavily wooded area, surrounded by large numbers of dying ash trees that are home to thousands of carpenter ants. This prodduct has been very effecive in fending off these invadive ants. Unfortunately, we find that these cans occasionally fail to shoot foam out further than 10 feet. While this is very disappointing, we still find this product to be the best solution to our specific needs.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.terro.com
July 4, 2018

We have been ordering Terro ant spray for about 3 years now, and it is the best thing on the market we have found. We live in Oklahoma close to red river and fire ants is so bad. BUT .USING TORRO WE HAVE NONE IN OUT YARD AT ALL. IT ALSO KILLS SPIDERS AS WELL AS ANY OTHER KIND OF INSECT OR WASP, YELLOW JACKETS, BUMBLE BEE'S ALSO. GREAT PRODUCT

Review Rate
Review posted on www.terro.com
November 24, 2017
Multiple uses By Bob

BEST insect spray on the market! I live in Florida and it not only kills ants around the outside of the house, but I also spray it up in the corners of my 18' high ceiling over my front porch to keep the dirt daubers away...works great!

Review Rate
Review posted on www.terro.com
July 24, 2017
Great product, residual effect was good. By Auntie

My opinion, an excellent product. We purchased this item years ago. We were having a huge ant problem both flying and smaller ones. After seeing some in the rain gutter, sprayed it with Terro Outdoor Ant killer. The next evening huge invasion of flying ants, looked in the gutter and so many dead flying ants, so the Terro was still working to my amazement and delight. I should have tried it sooner. I hope the newer can has the same ingredients and amounts as the old can we had. Can it be purchased locally?

Review Rate
Review posted on www.terro.com
July 9, 2017
Directions are impossible to read By Cindi

I purchased 4 cans of the ant spray, 3 for outside, 1 for inside...I tried to read the directions on the side of the can, I used 2 pairs of glasses and a magnifying glass, and still couldn't see the printing...I then saw the tab that said to snap off, to which I did, then tried to insert the pronged piece, it didn't fit, not any way that I tried...I gave up, and I called your company and explained the situation to a representative... she tried her best to explain how to put this together, but I...once again, couldn't do it...she was kind enough to send me a new can, this one without the prongs...I've yet to use it! yes! afraid that I'll mess it up again...I am going to have my neighbor look at the can(s) and see if she can put the other cans together...this product must be great, as I've read all comments...but you might consider enclosing directions with large print and pictures.

Response From Terro®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Cindi,

We apologize for this experience and appreciate the feedback.  

The instructions are also available on our website at the link below.  This can be downloaded as a PDF file and enlarged as needed.


Please give our Consumer Relations Team a call at 1-800-800-1819 x 458 with additional questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.terro.com
June 27, 2017
Best Product for removing ants By Happy with Terro

This is the second year that I have used this product to stop ants from coming into my home. It has done the trick every time! Last year I found this at my local Target store after battling with ants and nothing worked. I purchase it and used it one time and it worked right away. This year at the beginning of spring I went to purchase it again just in case and I could not find it in any store (Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart) No one had it. Then I found it on Terro's website and I ordered it right away. I started having ants again and as soon as I used the product with in a day or two they were gone. Thank you Terro for a great product that is easy to use and works every time!

Review Rate
Review posted on www.terro.com
June 25, 2017
Product killed the ants - spray bottle design seems flawed & dangerous By Kenn

Just used this product and like the last reviewer, it got all over my hands. I followed the instructions, shook it well, stood back from what I was spraying. There should be something more permanent that directs the spray away from the bottle other than the tiny little red tube that you put in yourself. I followed the instructions on the bottle and rinsed my hands for 20 minutes - I thought coming to your website would give me more information about treatment and reaction symptoms but there's nothing on here. The bottle is a bit unclear - it says call poison control for treatment advice (after it instructs to rinse hands for 15 - 20 minutes). Do you call for treatment only if you have any reaction and what would that reaction be? My hands feel a bit weird, but that's probably because I just had them underwater for 20 minutes. The ants are dead now - hopefully I'm okay.

Response From Terro®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

We appreciate the time taken to provide this feedback and apologize for the experience.  

The recommended first aid treatment is, as was correctly done, to rinse the skin immediately with plenty of water for 15 – 20 minutes. For additional treatment advice or concerns, poison control or a medical professional should be contacted.  

Please give our Consumer Relations Team a call at 1-800-800-1819 x 458 with additional questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.terro.com
May 16, 2017
Good product, really lousy packaging. By Betsy

Definitely kills the ants but I've never had so much trouble with a spray bottle. The first one, the tab came off and took the trigger with it. I got it back on but it didn't spray that well. 2nd can worked fine. And I got a third to finish the perimeter of my house. The darn trigger came off again, the liquid foam covered my hand and ruined a pair of gloves. I'm reluctant to try and get the trigger back on since I need to look at it to do that and I'm afraid I'll spray myself trying to get it installed again. And I don't have my receipt from Westlake's Ace hardware so I can't return it.

Response From Terro®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Betsy,

We are very sorry to hear about this experience and would like to assist.  Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-800-800-1819 x 458 so we can learn more and make this right.

Review Rate
Review posted on www.terro.com
May 11, 2017
Great product By DJ

Ants are gone and stay gone. I use the outdoor spray on the foundation and also sprinkle the granulated on the ground. Great product. Wish the outdoor spray was avaliable in local hardware stores.

Read All Reviews (22) Write a Review
Q.How many square feet does this cover?

This product is mainly recommended as a crack and crevice application. We apologize as there are too many variables to consider to be able to determine the total area this product could cover.

Q.Is this spray safe to use on/around vegetable garden?

This product is not intended for use on or near food.

A better option may be our TERRO® Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes which could be placed around the perimeter of the garden.

Q.Is there a way to get the remaining content out of the can (feels like maybe about two thirds is left) when I have to spray down (in the crevices of the cracked cement/pavement where multiple openings to their nest are evident by dirt mounts)? The extra tubing to spray in crevices is too short to keep the can upright as directed and I dont see what else I can use due to dog. Thank you for posting the picture on your webpage "Common Ant Species: Pavement Ants" because thats exactly what it looks like, mounds all over the place.

We recommend standing slightly behind the area and holding the can in a slanted position. Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 800-800-1819 x 458 for further assistance.

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There are more than 10,000 known species of ants living throughout the world. Like other insects, they have six legs; each with three joints. Ants have large heads with compound eyes, elbowed antennae and powerful jaws. Ants are social insects that live in structured nest communities throughout the world. The species of ant determines whether they live underground, in mounds built at ground level, in wood structures or in plants or trees.

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I need to knock out an ant invasion quickly – what do you recommend?

We suggest using TERRO® Ant Killer Spray or TERRO® Outdoor Ant Spray - both products kill on contact and will continue killing up to 12 weeks. And better yet, these sprays are also effective against cockroaches, spiders, crickets, scorpions and other unwanted insects.

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