Clothes Moths


Are clothes moths munching through your favorite sweaters and jackets? TERRO® Clothes Moth Traps can help get rid of these destructive moths and keep them away.


Common Clothes Moth Species

Webbing Clothes Moths

The webbing clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) is one of the most common household clothes moths. These moths have a golden sheen to them and on average are ¼ inch long. These moths feed on clothes, carpets, rugs, furniture animal hair and wool. While found all year long, webbing clothes moths are more prominent in summer and winter months where it is warm inside the home. This moth is more commonly found in northern states.


Casemaking Clothes Moths

(Tinea pellionella) is another of the common clothes moth species. This moth builds a “case” around its body with the material it ingests. They prefer animal fur and natural materials the most. This moth is most common in the southern US. Cases are typically white or will be the color of whatever material is ingested. As larvae they are 3/8 inches then they can grow to around ¾ inches long.


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