Pantry Moths


Are grain-loving pantry moths invading your pantry? Do you need to know how to control those pesky pantry moths? TERRO® Pantry Moth Traps can help get rid of pantry moths and keep them away.


Common Pantry Moth Species

Indian Meal Moths

Indian meal moths are small winged pests that are multi-colored but primarily a pale grey color. They typically reside and reproduce indoors, primarily within food packaging in kitchens, stores selling food and industrial food processing plants. They are known to cause severe damage to food, spoiling it as it becomes infested. Indian meal moths are reported as pests in households, grocery stores and food processing companies all over the world.

When they make their way into homes, they set up shop in kitchen cupboards and pantries. Indian meal moths work their way into cracker and cereal boxes, bread bins, flour containers and other dried and processed goods stored in the kitchen, including pet food.


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