Fleas can be a big problem to both pets and humans. Learn all about fleas, including how they get into your house, how to control a flea infestation, and ways that you can prevent them.


What Are the Signs of Fleas?

What Are the Signs of Fleas?

Spotting these small pests gets easier when you know what you’re looking for. Looking for bites on your skin, along with regularly checking the fur of your pet and making sure they aren’t scratching continuously in one area can help you identify if you have a flea problem.

Spotting fleas can be hard, but if they are jumping from host to host, they can be seen. In pets, they can leave behind flea dirt, which looks like pepper. The flea dirt can be found in fur or the places where your pet lays like bedding, carpets, and furniture.

When you have fleas in your home, the problem will become apparent the longer that the fleas are undiscovered and untreated, as they will reproduce quickly. Observing your animal's behavior and monitoring potential flea bites can help you identify fleas.

How Can I Control a Flea Infestation?

When you first notice that your pets are infected with fleas, make sure to get them medicated. The longer that they are the host for fleas, the higher the potential for illness. Comb the pets to remove the fleas and then treat them with pet flea treatments so that they can’t take the fleas to other parts of your home.

Check and change your bedsheets to get rid of the flea dirt, as fleas like to nestle into blankets and other furniture that can easily cover them. Be sure to thoroughly wash clothes and other machine washable fabrics that may have encountered the host carrying the fleas.

How Can I Control a Flea Infestation?

Controlling fleas around the house can be contained by vacuuming and cleaning frequently to get rid of the eggs or the fleas in their cocoon state. Using Indoor Flea Traps can help control the indoor population of fleas and allow you to capture them before making their way to other parts of your home. Then can also help to alert you of flea troubles as soon as they start.

As for your backyard, ensure that your grass is cut, and you don’t have any overgrown plants or trees for fleas to hide in. Using Terro® Tick and Flea Yard Spray can help control the potential fleas that are in your space. Spray on lawns, patios, trees, shrubs, and wherever fleas might hide to eliminate them before they can make their way onto your pets and into your home.

How Can I Get Rid of Fleas?

Once you’ve controlled your flea infestation, there are ways you can eliminate the fleas from your home. Vacuuming and cleaning frequently are important to make sure that the lifecycle of the fleas isn’t continuing.

Using a combination of products, like flea traps and sprays, can also be a solution in ridding your home from these pests. The TERRO® Flea Protection Kit contains everything that you need to help get rid of fleas indoors AND outdoors. Attract, capture, and kill fleas with this long-lasting kit.

The biggest thing that you can do to get rid of the fleas is by checking on your pet and making sure that you’re combing fleas and giving them proper treatment. Cleaning and using flea products are also efficient ways to stop them.

How Can I Stop Fleas From Entering My Home or Business?

How Can I Stop Fleas From Entering My Home or Business?

When it comes to fleas, they are much easier to prevent than to get rid of. If you have pets that go outdoors, it’s a great precaution to treat them with tick and flea prevention medication so that if fleas are outside, they aren’t brought in by your animals.

Preventing infestations is as simple as keeping your spaces clean and vacuumed. Applying TERRO® Home Pest Control around your property every 12 months. Odorless and non-staining, you can use this indoors and outdoors. Apply around the perimeter of the house or business, along with any cracks or crevices that fleas can use as entrances.

Are There Different Kinds of Fleas?

There are more than 2,000 fleas in the world. They can be broken up into 6 more specific groups that have similar characteristics. The following are the different kinds of species:

  • Human Flea
  • Dog Flea
  • Cat Flea
  • Bird Flea
  • Sand Flea
  • Sticktight Flea

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