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View our series of infographics featuring information about your favorite TERRO® products, insect identification, eradication, and much more

Terro Video ImagesAnt Anatomy

Learn all about ant anatomy and information.

Terro Video ImagesBrilliant Facts About Ants

Ants are some of the most fascinating creatures that roam the earth. Find out some cool facts about them here!

Terro Video ImagesU.S. Venomous Spiders: Myths & Facts

Learn facts and proper identification techniques for venomous spiders in the U.S.

Terro Video ImagesWhy Liquid Over Gel Bait?

Find out why ants prefer liquid ant bait over gel baits

Terro Video ImagesInsects and Weather

Find out how temperatures and weather affect insects in your area.

Terro Video ImagesHow to Get Rid of Ants

Find out the best techniques to help your fight against an ant infestation be a relatively quick and efficient process.

Terro Video ImagesThe War on Spiders

Every winter as the temperatures drop, various pests start looking for a cozy new place to call home. Learn how to make sure spiders don't make your home a permenant stop.

Terro Video ImagesHow to Deal With a Fruit Fly Problem

Fruit Fly invasions can test your patience, but the key to victory is knowing your enemy. Learn all about fruit fly issues.

Terro Video ImagesBattling Hornets & Wasps

Learn all about proper safety precautions, next removal techniques, and preventative maintenance for honrets and wasps

Terro Video ImagesA Smelly Nuisance: The Stink Bug

Learn about the distinguishing characteristics to effectively annihilate your stink bug infestation!

Terro Video ImagesSleep Tight, Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bits

Bed Bugs can force people out of their homes and even cause serious psychological distress. Find out how to deal with them.

Terro Video ImagesHow to Kill Carpenter Ants

Learn how to identify, eradicate, and prevent future Carpenter Ant invasions.

Terro Video ImagesWhy are These Bugs Bugging Me?

Discover why and when different types of insects are most likely to bother you, including the seasons they're most active.

Terro Video ImagesHow Invasive Insects Threaten The U.S.

Invasive insect cost us a whopping $15.1 billion in crop losses and forest damaage each year!