TERRO® Reviews

"Within 24 hours all of the ants disappeared."

Michael S. writes:

It (TERRO® Ant Bait) was remarkably effective. I first tried 'home remedies' of jelly and borax. They did not really work. Then I purchased TERRO® ant bait and within 24 hours all of the ants disappeared. It's been over 3 weeks and they haven't returned! Great product.

"I'm a Believer!"

Amy H. writes:

I just had to let you know...

We had black carpenter ants in the kitchen, and I had used baits before (different brand) but never was sure if they actually worked since I hadn't actually seen ants going to them, and I still had ants this spring. I don't like using anything poisonous since we have cats. I bought your liquid ant baits, placed three of them in the corners and within 15 minutes they had been "discovered." The ants literally were coming out of the woodwork to feed! I had to replace 2 of the baits within 2 hours because they were empty. Within 24 hours, all that was left of the ants were two stragglers that actually died before they even reached the bait.

I am so impressed with this product! I read the testimonials and thought, "kind of sounds too good to be true", but now, WOW! I am from this point forward, a loyal customer!

"I couldn't believe my eyes!"

Erin H. writes:

I think I owe you my sanity. I have been using every known method to deal with my ant problem. First was the baby powder, then the Borax, then multiple ant traps........in the end, just messes to clean up. Nothing work for us!!!

My roommate came home with TERRO®, 3 traps out in ONE night......next morning, every ant was gone! I couldn't believe my eyes! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! You now have a lifelong customer and advocate for your product!

Now if you only you can make a product that does my dishes!!!

"Congratulations on making a product that EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS!"

Wayne L. writes:

Looking down at the counter top and seeing many tiny little ants - - - oh god......... But as luck would have it, I went to Lowe's and shopped the ant killer products. Your TERRO® ANT KILLER was half the price of the next product. I am a bargain shopper so I thought-- what the he!!

Putting the liquid bait on the little squares was like serving free booze to college kids! The little drops were covered with the little ants and I thought that the next morning I would have to spend a lot of time cleaning up the mess.

NO ANTS the next morning! NO ANTS since!

Congratulations on making a product that EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS!

Of course I will be spreading the word about your GREAT PRODUCT!


"TERRO® Rocks!"

Kellie S. writes:

I just wanted to say thanks for making such awesome products! My husband and I have struggled to kill an ant colony that had moved into our house. We tried lots of over the counter products, but none were working. Then we tried TERRO®. The liquid ant bait worked like a charm. About 2 weeks later, the ants were gone, and we had reclaimed our house! Thanks for making a product that is easy and affordable to use, and one that works! TERRO® rocks!

"A fantastic product!"

Gerald W. writes:

I had a really bad small black ant infestation in my kitchen. The ants were streaming out of an electrical socket. I tried your liquid ant traps and in about 20 hours all of the ants were gone. A fantastic product. I've never seem one that works so well.

I'm recommending it to all of my family and friends.

"Awesome A++++"

Phil M. writes:

I want to thank you guys! I have tried many different products for our ant problem and nothing worked! There is nothing in the world that works as good as your ant bait! Wow! They swarmed inside and where did they go afterwards I don't know! Awesome A++++ My Father in law used your baits too and they worked for him as well! What else can i say?

"Compared to other ant control products, your company's product works faster, last longer and is very effective."

Jeff R. writes:

I have used many products over the years and I must say when I tried TERRO® Ant Spray for the first time years ago I was very pleased with the results. Compared to other ant control products, your company's product works faster, last longer and is very effective. When used for indoor control, the spray from other manufacturers would last for only 20 - 30 days, smelled terrible and was not always as effective as advertised; at times I would have to retreat the following day. With TERRO® Ant Spray I only have to treat once every 45 - 60 days and I cannot every remember not achieving 100% control for that period of time.

"NO ants! Not just less...we have NO ants!"

Michele H. writes:

I just wanted to let you know that your outdoor ant baits are INCREDIBLE! We have been fighting an ant invasion for years and have tried many different poisons in all forms. We finally tried your outdoor baits and the ants are gone. We replace them every couple of weeks around all four sides and we have had NO ants! Not just less ants...we have NO ants! Thanks!

"I'm going on 3 weeks without seeing a single spider..."

Sarah D. writes:

I've had a pretty serious problem with wolf spiders for 3 years. After buying hundreds of dollars in barrier sprays and bombs, a local hardware store employee shared his success with TERRO®. The price per can was under $8, which is extremely cheap considering what I've spent on various junk that never worked. I sprayed all of the areas of entry and I'm going on 3 weeks without seeing a single spider in my house! I have even become a walking advertisement by telling all of my friends experiencing abnormal amounts of spiders indoors. (over the years I've become well known for my extremely large spider finds in my house)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Terro has changed my life!

"Your product is amazing at worst. At best, it's magic!"

Chuck C. writes:

I got the TERRO® pantry moth traps. I was hopeful at best. By the time I started folding the trap the moths were following me. within 5 minutes all the males were trapped. Your product is amazing at worst. At best it's magic :0) With your help and my clean pantry cabinets I can finally get rid of the moths! I will buy TERRO® for all my needs!

"Your product works 100% as claimed."

Lee N. writes:

We live in Peoria AZ and this year we have had a huge outbreak of bark scorpions. Every night along with a black light we kill 2-3 around the exterior of our home. I found that they hide in the expansion joints in our block wall. I went to Lowes and saw your product Scorpion Killer so I bought a can, not expecting much as company claims many times do not come true. What a surprise we had as your product works 100% as claimed. One spray blast and they die in a very short time. The first night we killed 12 scorpions with your spray and have killed 2-4 each night up to last night. I guess the total to be in the high 20's. I put this info on our community web page for all Trilogy residents to read. We are so happy with your product.

If you want to use this E mail in some form feel free to use it as you have the only product we have tried that works as it should. Also it leaves no stain on the block wall.

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